DeLise Ministry Affirmed

Surrounded by family, mentors and colleagues, Mario DeLise was ordained for ministry at Walla Walla General Hospital.

Revitalizing Sabbath School

If you have noticed a decline in attendance or fewer young people at your church, the answer might be to revitalize Sabbath School.

Make a Difference Day

Cascade Christian Academy is focusing on serving others as one of its priorities this year. Make a Difference Day's activities ...

Spokane Multi-Cultural Thanks Community

"After a recent plea for help to the Spokane area Adventist Churches to provide clothing and housing items for a group of refugees ..."

Share the Life encourages members to foster a lifestyle of sharing Jesus. In addition, it trains and equips members and entire churches for soul-winning service for Christ.

Join our Share the Life team today and become an Outreach Coordinator. This exciting position will put you at the heart of the action. 

This vital evangelism initiative is funded by your generous donations. Thank you!

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Camp Meeting registration for 2015 opens October 1, 2014

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