UCC Presidential Search

by John Freedman, January 23, 2018

A letter from John Freedman, president of the NPUC to all members in Upper Columbia Conference reguarding the search for a new president.

The following letter is for every member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Upper Columbia Conference. It is from John Freedman, president of the North Pacific Union Conference. The address of the NPUC is, 5709 N 20th Street, Ridgefield, WA  98642. If you wish to call the NPUC, (360) 857-7000  or fax, (360) 857-7001. The NPUC web site is http://www.npuc.org.

Dear Friends:· 

The purpose of this letter is to share with you the process to be used in finding a new president of the Upper Columbia Conference. Elder Paul Hoover, current president of the Upper Columbia Conference, has announced he is retiring April 30, 2018. The North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) administration has reviewed the Upper Columbia Conference By-laws, consulted with the Upper Columbia Conference administrative team and have collaborated to create a process for electing a new president. 

The first part of the process is notifying the conference constituency about the selection process and collecting information. The Upper Columbia Conference will notify the constituency how each member of the conference, in regular standing, will have the opportunity to share on a survey what qualities and skills they would like to see in a new president, names of qualified leaders to be considered, as well as dreams for the future of the conference. The link to that survey is npuc.org/uccsearch. 

When there is going to be a change in leadership, we have a fresh call to prayer. Our deepest desire is to be in the center of God's will. Please use the next several months to pray for the Holy Spirit's leading in the selection process. 

The Upper Columbia Conference By-laws specify the use of a nominating committee to work along with the executive committee in the election of a new conference president. We are requesting the elected nominating committee from the last Upper Columbia Conference session to meet with the Upper Columbia Conference Executive Committee on April 16, 2018 to select a new president. 

The NPUC administrative team will collect the information from the constituency, gathered from the survey. We will collate the information to share with the executive and nominating committees. Each qualified individual will be asked if they would like to be considered for the position, and if they do, to provide us with a resume. We will then begin to reference qualified candidates.

All qualified, referenced nominees, who desire to be considered for the president position, will be shared with the nominating and executive committees. On April 16, the nominating and executive committees will pray over, review resumes and have an open discussion of each qualified, referenced candidate. Then, after a season of prayer, we will have an election process. By God's grace, we will have a new president elected to serve the people of the Upper Columbia Conference on April 16, 2018. The candidate will then be extended a call to serve as president of the conference and given some time to pray over the call.

As already mentioned, each member in regular standing of the Upper Columbia Conference, is invited and encouraged to participate in this selection process by answering the questions on the survey. The website again is npuc.org/uccsearch. If you have any questions about the above process, please do not hesitate to contact Elder John Loor at the NPUC office or one of your Upper Columbia Conference officers. 

Your leadership team here at the NPUC is interceding now for the next Upper Columbia Conference president. Upper Columbia has been and will continue to be a leading influence in the NPUC. May our heavenly Father richly bless our process and choose for the Upper Columbia Conference a leader after His own heart for your next president. 


John C. Freedman

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