Hurricane Harvey Victims Helped at the Houston World Harvest Church

by North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, September 16, 2017

Find up-to-the-minute news here about Hurricane Harvey (following the news release) and how Adventist Community Services is in the preparedness stage to help in this situation.


SPOKANE, WASH., September 20, 2017 - Last night around midnight UCC Team 2 arrived in Houston making the total of UCC DR volunteers to 10.  Both groups will serve in the Houston Distribution Center housed in the large Adventist Church in the heart of Houston.  The first team has found great fulfillment in serving hundreds and hundreds of families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  With Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico and now two large earthquakes in Mexico, attention to Houston has all but disappeared – but the needs are still great.

FEMA and the State of Texas have charged ACS with running the multi-agency warehouse out of San Antonio to meet needs of all various agency distribution centers  throughout the area hit by Harvey.  It is now up and running.

ACS is heavily involved in Florida as well.  

SPOKANE, WASH., September 12, 2017 - Welcome to World Harvest Church in Huston, Texas. This is not your typical sanctuary. At this time they are sharing their lovely facility with the city of Houston, Texas to use as their distribution center. Volunteers from Upper Columbia Conference Adventist Community Services are serving here for the next two weeks. 

Derrick Lea, ACS Disaster Response Director, gives an on-site description of what our team is doing. "On Monday morning, September 11, 2017, I arrived about fifteen minutes before the opening of World Harvest Outreach SDA distribution site in Houston. As I pulled in, I noticed a crowded parking lot. I quickly realized the cars had many people in them who had gotten out and formed a line at the door of the center where help was distributed. The line looped around the parking lot and I estimated that approximately 200 people were awaiting the opening of the doors so they coud receive help. This was the need we had tried to explain to our ACS team members who arrived from Upper Columbia Conference the night before. They were in disbelief as we prepared them for the work that lay ahead. But they expressed a humbleness for the opportunity to serve in such a needed area. See photos below.

From: W. Derrick Lea, NAD ACS Disaster Response

Re: Hurricane Harvey

The rains continue to fall in parts of Houston and the community in being evacuated from the city to cities like San Antonio, Dallas and Austin.  These locations have formed what is called Mega Shelters in these other metropolitan areas with thousands being housed in convention centers and other structures that have the capacity to shelter this large number of people.  While we have not been asked to set up Shelters at this phase of our operations, a number of the Emergency Managers have reached out to Adventist Community Services and asked if we might deliver some of the products we have been preparing and stocking our Trailers with from the ACS Depot in Keene.  Yesterday morning, a delivery took off for San Antonia to deliver clothes, Hygiene kits and other needed items.  This was necessary as many of the resident housed in the San Antonio Shelter were evacuated from Houston, where dirty flood waters forced them out of their homes.  The management of the San Antonio shelter required those residing in the shelter to shower and have a clean change of clothing before they could enter the Shelter.  Our trailer was a necessity under this scenario and it arrived later in the afternoon to begin distribution of clothes in all sizes for the thousands that had need.  

Clarification: Adventist Community Services is the agency in North America that assists with disaster recovery. (ADRA is worldwide outside of the United States). All donations of money for Hurricane Harvey should be directed toward ACS.

News Release

Silver Spring, Md., August 27, 2017: On August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southern coast of Texas, leaving a path of devastation in its wake. Galveston, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Houston, and all surrounding areas have been geatly affected by the damaging winds and rising flood waters. The storm is currently moving at a slow pace and will impact the greater southeastern Texas area for several more days, dropping more than 40 inches of water on the region.

At present Adventist Community Services (ACS), through national and regional network, is in the preparedness phase and waiting to respond to needs there once they have been established. Teams from throughout the United States are standing by and ready to help. ACS is also collaborating with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), the Red Cross, the United Parcel Service, and others, and will be ready when called upon to serve those impacted. ACS will continue working with local and federal agencies to identify the greatest needs and how they can be met effectively.

Please pray for all of those affected by this tragedy and consider making a donation to Adventist Community Servies. Donation may be made by:

  • Making a donation to your local Seventh-day Adventist Church labeled "ACS Disaster Response"
  • Making a donation through UCC web site for ACS
  • Calling 1-800-381-7171
  • Mailing a donation to: Adventist Community Services, 3715 S. Grove Road, Spokane, WA  99224

"Assuredly, I say to you, in as much as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me" Matthew 25:40, NKJV.

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The best item to give is money

From Texas Facebook Page  
Texas Adventist Community Services Disaster Response trailer is on its way to San Antonio. If you know of someone in the area who can volunteer a few hours today, tomorrow and possibly Thursday please have them email their contact information to Texas Facebook page

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