New Adventurer Club Begins at All Nations Center Church!

by Anita Lebold, January 07, 2020

The All Nations Center has begun a new Adventurer Club and so far 15-20 children are joining in the fun.

The All Nations Center has recently started an Adventurer Club. They began by inviting families with children in pre-school through grade three to join them for planned activities and fellowship. So far, the children have been learning about our country and its national anthem, they have learned about how to be a good friend, how to share Jesus in their community, how to be courteous, that Jesus is our shepherd, and lots more!

At their first two meetings, they had 15-20 children along with their families who join in the fun. For the second meeting, they invited community members to come and tell about their careers and how they can share Jesus' love through their work. Presenters included a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, and a farmer. All who participated were fascinated by the stories and the activities they shared together.

This is one of the newest Adventurer clubs in the Upper Columbia Conference. The All Nations Center church joins nearly 30 other churches that have recognized the value of investing in families and children through the Adventurer program. Adventurer ministry focuses on strengthening the family through Bible Study, relationship building and age-appropriate learning activities.

Come out and join in the fun! Don't have any young children? Do you have hobbies you love to talk about and share? Do you have career interests you are excited about? Do you have stories to tell about how you came to know Jesus? Have you traveled to other countries or have you come from another country? Do you love to do crafts, take pictures, fix things? If any of these things are true, you can get involved in Adventurers. You will not regret it!

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