NE Washington Fair Booth

by Marilyn Morgan, September 25, 2019

Volunteers from Colville, Inchelium and Chewelah helped to spread the love of Christ at the fair.

This year the theme for the health booth was the Sanctuary of Health. Third John 2 says, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." Volunteers from Colville, Inchelium, and Chewelah helped with our booth,

The booth was laid out to mimic the Sanctuary with each of the articles of furniture representing one of the eight laws of health. At each of the stations were questions designed to point them to spiritual matters, and then there were different tasks that would test their physical health. One teen came in and said, "Are these tests to determine how I am doing physically or spiritually?" Health counselors also talked to people about lifestyle change given their health data, and they encouraged them to make changes.

At one point we were passing out tobacco, alcohol and temperance cards, and It was such a blessing because one gentlemen in the booth next to us took one of the papers and kept on asking for another one. He then proceeded to tell teenagers standing in front of him about what he read. Isn't that how the gospel is spread? It's by hearing the good news and telling it to others.

I appreciate Loyd Caudill because he came in with his own unique method of spreading Christ's love to others. He made up his own sign and brought his own glow tracts and started sharing with people and walking about the fair.

Many precious children came through our booth, and I loved talking to them about the Sanctuary and pointing them to their Bibles and to the time of Moses when the Sanctuary existed. We passed out bookmarks for Discovery mountain and gave airplanes to the kids. We passed out flyers on the upcoming seminar by Scott Ritsma on, "The Media Mind" which aired in September. People had so many community connections that it was a blessing to minister to them about health education. It is so exciting to share the gospel to other people and the more that we share the more that we can hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ!

And it was a blessing to minister to the people about health education. Sharing the gospel to other people is exciting, and the more that we share, the more we can hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Mark Wong, Health Evangelism Leader 

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