SonBridge Community Center Receives Grant

by Kathy Marson, April 24, 2019

The future is brighter for SonBridge Community Center because of the Sherwood Trust grant awarded to SonBridge Community Center.

​SonBridge Community Center was recently awarded $13,500 for strategic planning and for a facilities plan. SonBridge is one of 11 organizations to receive a grant from Sherwood Trust. Sherwood Trust awards organizations who make a big difference in community initiatives. They particularly look for organizations that are bridge building, resilient non-profits that provide a sense of belonging and contribute to a thriving region.
These funds are timely according to Norman Thiel, the executive director of SonBridge. "SonBridge is experiencing a significant increase in the number of visits for training and support groups.  Our Dental Clinic is challenged by the demand for services.  Fortunately, our Thrift&Gift store sales keep increasing.  Our supporters continue to increase their support.  Each of these challenges raise questions on how to allocate our time and funds.  A local and long-time supporting trust is challenging  and supporting us by funding an integrated strategic plan for growth in service and evolution of our campus facility."


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