David Freedman Accepts Call to Southern Union

by Kathy Marson, December 20, 2018

David Freedman informed UCC staff Wednesday afternoon that he has accepted a call to be the treasurer of the Southern Union. He will remain in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) until mid February.

On Wednesday afternoon, December 19, 2018, David Freedman informed UCC staff that he has accepted a call to be the treasurer of the Southern Union. He will remain in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) until mid-February 2019 and then take up his duties at the Southern Union Office, north of Atlanta, Georgia.

Minner Labrador, Jr., president of Upper Columbia Conference, says "David has been a blessing to UCC, his passion for evangelism and ministry has greatly strengthened God's work in our conference and will be a blessing to those he serves in the Southern Union. While this is a huge loss for UCC, I know God has great plans for David and will provide for UCC as well."

David has truly enjoyed his time in UCC and cares deeply about the friendships developed here.  While he will miss the people in this conference, he is committed to serving the Lord where He calls. He and his wife, Anne have been processing this possibility for the last few weeks. David says, "The comfortable, the convenient and the most family friendly, etc., may not be the path He chooses for us at any given time."

This was a difficult decision for David and Ann, with other officers retiring early in 2019. In a letter to pastors and staff, David says, "Our journey with you the last one and a half years has been wonderful. It is always amazing to watch God lead and to follow as He directs. God has done many unexpected and amazing things in the Upper Columbia Conference and I know God will continue to do so in the future. That's the kind of God we serve!"

"I have worked with Elder Labrador for six months. I appreciate his vision and spiritual leadership and I know he is God's person for this time and place. Please continue to love and strongly support him and Evelyn. I will greatly miss the opportunity to continue to serve alongside him to proclaim Jesus to our communities. But as always, God will direct Elder Labrador as He works with you to select and develop new team members."

David Freedman began his service in UCC the summer of 2017, he previously served as Vice President for Finance for Oregon Conference for six years. Employees and staff will miss his friendly spirit. David and Ann solicit your prayers as they transition from the UCC to serve God in this new territory.

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