Saying Farewell to Doug Johnson

by Kathy Marson, December 18, 2018

Doug Johnson, who currently serves as the vice president for administration in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) will retire May 1, 2019.

Doug Johnson, who currently serves as the vice president for administration in Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) will retire May 1, 2019. He has served in this capacity since 2005. 

“Doug has been one of the greatest treasures of the Inland Northwest,” says Minner Labrador, president of UCC. “I take comfort in the fact that he will remain nearby and continue to assist and advise this wonderful conference on a part time basis.”

Doug served as assistant to the president and director of Communications along with being the coordinator of the Church Ministries Consulting Service when he first came to the conference office in 2000. Prior to this he pastored several churches in the Upper Columbia and Washington conferences.

History has been a special interest for Doug. He has written several books including Adventism on the Northwestern Frontier and Adventism in the Pacific Northwest. He is currently working on a history of Adventism in the American West and another book that will explore how the Adventist Church successfully reached the Germans from Russia who settled in the western portions of the U.S. Doug also developed a self-guided history tour for the Conference’s 125th anniversary entitled, Exploring the Past. This was a CD and a booklet with over 80 sites to explore through the UCC.

In retirement Doug plans to write and pursue his passion for outdoor adventure, which includes hiking in wilderness areas, climbing, long distance walking, camping and exploring remote regions of the American West. He will also continue to work a quarter time for the conference in the area of pastoral placement. 

Doug was born in Lewiston, Idaho, and graduated from Upper Columbia Academy. He graduated from Walla Walla College with a bachelor’s degree in theology and minors in biblical languages, biology and history. He earned his masters of divinity from Andrews University. Doug and his wife, Denise, live in Spangle, Washington, and have two adult sons Hans and Erik. They also have one granddaughter.

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