UCA Shares Christ in the Three Angels' Messages

by Eric Johnson, October 10, 2018

UCA staff voted to find strategic ways to show how Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Three Angels' Messages.

Eric Johnson, principal of Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash., began presession meetings this August by sharing with the staff how over the summer he spent time studying the Three Angels’ Messages and was convicted we need to have a refocus on the special message that God has given the Adventist Church.

The faculty and staff spent much time praying together regarding how to best accomplish this for the students of UCA. Following an earnest season of prayer, the faculty voted unanimously to find strategic ways throughout the school year to show how Jesus Christ is at the heart of the Three Angels’ Messages.

Some of those ways include having students over to faculty homes for in-depth Bible studies on this topic. Fred Riffel, UCA Bible teacher, explains, “The Three Angels’ Messages are lifeless and dead if they are shared without the love of Jesus. We are going to be focusing on making sure that our students see the love of Jesus through each of these special messages.” 

Jessica Ing, student body president, says, “I am really excited about the direction UCA is going. For much of my life, the Three Angels’ Messages have been something that I have been afraid of. I really like how Jesus is going to be emphasized in how they are shared.” 

It is our prayer the students on the campus of UCA this year will come to know and love Jesus more through this intentional refocusing.

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