The stewardship department encourages faithful financial support of the Lord’s work through spiritual motivation. It has a selection of materials to assist the church in educating church members in faithful tithing and support of church budget.

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Education Endowment / Camp MiVoden Development

Two years ago the MiVoden Board, supported by the Upper Columbia Conference Executive Committee, began a building project to replace the roofs, decks, railings and stairs of the main cabins at Camp MiVoden. Today this project is finished! MiVoden has received a "face-lift" that will protect our buildings from rot and decay.  The roofs are beautiful, well made, and reflect a principle for excellence for which MiVoden is known.  Our aim is to continue to remodel and improve the camp which Streams of Light offerings will help to accomplish.


One third of your generous gifts through Streams of Light will continue to make a huge difference to camp facilities which will in turn make a difference in the lives of campers that attend Camp MiVoden. Thank you! – Jeff Wines, Director, Youth Ministries


The other two thirds of today's offering fund the Kid's Educational Endowment Program. Due to financial challenges over half of our children are not in Adventist schools. The endowment fund needs your generous contributions to enable it to make a bigger impact and considerably reduce that number. Approximately $2 million is needed to fully fund this endowment program that draws interest for scholarships for kindergarten through 12th grade students throughout the Upper Columbia Conference. 

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