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UCA has decided to forge a partnership with LCA to reach these students who would otherwise go to public school. Bridging this gap with a satellite school model has the potential to solve many challenges that smaller schools and junior academies face. 7/17/2019YesKathy MarsonEducation Department; Communications
The new communication director for the North Pacific Union Conference is Jay Wintermeyer. Jay leaves an 11-year legacy of excellence in Upper Columbia Conference.7/17/2019YesKathy MarsonAdministration; Communications; Human Resources; Treasury; Secretariat; President's Office
The Upper Columbia camp meeting was June 19-22 at Upper Columbia Academy. Enjoy it still through YouTube and audio recordings of the seminars.6/20/2019NoKathy MarsonCamp Meeting; President's Office; Administration
The Teen Pathfinder Retreat at Camp MiVoden was a spirit-filled weekend for the teens and many made decisions to become closer to God.5/20/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Family Life Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs
The Teen Pathfinder Mission Adventure took place March 24-31, 2019. It is a mission trip tailored to be less costly than an overseas mission trip and is a fantastic way to make a difference in our own neighborhood, the Pacific Northwest5/16/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Family Life Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs
The Upper Columbia Conference Executive Committee voted an official position on the World Church Affirmation Sabbath on December 4, 2018.4/30/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Communications; Administration; Church Ministries and Discipleship; President's Office; Secretariat; Treasury; Stewardship; Ministerial
The future is brighter for SonBridge Community Center because of the Sherwood Trust grant awarded to SonBridge Community Center.4/24/2019NoKathy MarsonAdventist Community Services; Communications
Students from UCA traveled to Cambodia to an orphanage just outside the city of Siem Reap.  They assisted with a dental and a vision clinic, painting, and remodeling.4/16/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Education Department; Evangelism; Youth Ministries
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