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At the recent homecoming weekend, Upper Columbia Academy began with a special monument dedication honoring Vietnam-era military veterans.11/14/2017YesKathy MarsonEducation Department
When the Kettle Falls Church was asked by another local area church if they would be interested in taking over the free meals each Thursday, Patty Marsh felt convicted that she should step up to the plate and lead out in this adventure.11/7/2017NoKathy MarsonAdventist Community Services; Communications; Health Ministries
"I don't do door to door cold turkey. There has to be other ways to reach people," Mick Dunnewin of Kettle Falls, Wash. stated.  "But what can I do?"11/7/2017YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Evangelism; Personal Evangelism
The Hayden Lake Church in Hayden, Idaho, has been using health ministries as a bridging activity to reach the community before their fall evangelistic meetings.11/1/2017NoKathy MarsonHealth Ministries; Evangelism
Shine 104.9 FM radio hosted its first ever ShineFest in Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Wash., Aug. 20, 2017. About 4,500 listeners showed up for an afternoon and evening of testimonies and music10/10/2017NoKathy MarsonCommunications
Former staff enjoyed a short week at a Camp MiVoden Reunion that culminated in a farewell to Bruce Christensen who is retiring this year.10/10/2017YesKathy MarsonFamily Life Ministries; Communications
Water for Life (WFL) International is happy to announce the completion of 100 wells serving people in remote villages of northwest Guatemala. This milestone was passed at the end of the drilling season in April 2017. 10/9/2017NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Youth Ministries; Family Life Ministries
Six volunteers from Upper Columbia Conference returned from Houston and here is their story.10/3/2017NoKathy MarsonAdministration; Adventist Community Services; Communications; Personal Evangelism; President's Office; Secretariat; Stewardship; Treasury
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