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Volunteers at this two-day Free Dental Clinic consisted of a total of 9 dentists and 3 hygienists and many other support individuals. Some drove several hours to volunteer.10/10/2019YesKathy MarsonHealth Ministries; Communications
Albee knew she could not go to Cuba because she is blind. So she let God use her talents to bring smiles to the faces of people in Cuba. She looks forward to meeting them someday in heaven.10/1/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Church Ministries and Discipleship; Evangelism; President's Office; Secretariat; Treasury; Administration
Volunteers from Colville, Inchelium and Chewelah helped to spread the love of Christ at the fair. 9/25/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Church Ministries and Discipleship; Health Ministries
From camp meeting to the end of their weeks in ministry, His Travelers are the connection to Jesus for many children, something that will have eternal rewards. 9/11/2019YesKathy MarsonCamp Meeting; Children's Ministries; Communications; President's Office; Family Life Ministries
Every four years a constituency session is held to provide counsel and direction for the future of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inland Northwest.8/26/2019YesKathy MarsonCommunications; Education Department; Church Ministries and Discipleship; Administration; Adventist Book Center; Adventist Community Services; Children's Ministries; Evangelism; Family Life Ministries; Communications; Health Ministries; Human Resources; Information & Technology Services; Ministerial; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries; President's Office; Sabbath School Ministries; Secretariat; Stewardship; Treasury; Women's Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs; Youth Ministries; Trust Services & Estate Planning; Adventurer Clubs; Men's Ministries
New pastor, Gary Jon Gibson and his wife, Elizabeth, have moved to Pendleton, Ore., with their four children, Johnathan, Jared, Josiah and Jocelyn to accept God's call to pastor the Pendleton and Pilot Rock churches.8/7/2019NoKathy MarsonCommunications; Ministerial; President's Office; Secretariat
Coeur d'Alene Church hosted a Loma Linda event this past June. One of the highlights of the service was the recognition of the oldest alumni present: LLU School of Medicine graduates Carl (1952) and Grace (1958) Ekstrom and Walter Ordelheide (1954).8/7/2019NoKathy MarsonChurch Ministries and Discipleship; Communications; Education Department
UCA has decided to forge a partnership with LCA to reach these students who would otherwise go to public school. Bridging this gap with a satellite school model has the potential to solve many challenges that smaller schools and junior academies face. 7/17/2019NoKathy MarsonEducation Department; Communications
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