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​Learn more about the Youth Rush program in Upper Columbia Conference. Apply now at Ministries; Personal Evangelism; Youth Rush53; 43; 23No

Melina shares about making a visit, and sharing a book with a lady that would impact her life more than any other book she had ever read. Ministries; Personal Evangelism; Youth Rush53; 43; 23No

​First hand results from youth who go on mission trips!

The Upper Columbia Conference Youth Department would like all youth who are interested in trying a mission experience to watch this short video and then sign up for the 2018 Guatemala Youth Mission Adventure.12/6/2017Education Department; Family Life Ministries; Youth Ministries; Communications; Literature Ministries17; 2; 6; 8; 53Yes

​Upper Columbia Conference is asking all churches and members to pray on Sabbath, October 7, 2017, for the upcoming meetings for the Adventist world church.; Communications; President's Office; Treasury; Secretariat; Personal Evangelism; Stewardship; Women's Ministries; Youth Rush; Sabbath School Ministries; Moving Services; Online Giving; Pathfinder Clubs; Trust Services & Estate Planning; Hispanic Ministries; Human Resources; Information & Technology Services; Ministerial; Family Life Ministries; Health Ministries; Children's Ministries; Camp Meeting; Adventist Community Services; Education Department; Men's Ministries; Adventurer Clubs; Youth Ministries; Adventist Book Center; Evangelism52; 8; 31; 33; 32; 43; 50; 5; 23; 15; 29; 20; 12; 22; 10; 26; 27; 30; 2; 19; 1; 51; 7; 17; 3; 46; 6; 18; 9Yes

​Paul Hoover, president of Upper Columbia Conference shares how Jesus can help us and that by looking to him, he can solve our difficulties.

Looking to Jesus12/20/2016Communications; Evangelism; President's Office; Women's Ministries; Youth Ministries8; 9; 31; 5; 6Yes

​This baptism happened at teen camp at Camp MiVoden the summer of 2016's Ministries; Youth Ministries; Family Life Ministries; Communications1; 6; 2; 8Yes

Teens have a great time at Camp MiVoden at a weekend retreat designed with them in mind.​

Pathfinder Teen Retreat11/17/2016Family Life Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs; Men's Ministries2; 12; 3Yes

​2016 UCC Mens's Summit Life Ministries; Men's Ministries2; 3Yes

​Here is what the 2016 UCC Men's Summit was like. Held each year in March, this event is enjoyed by men from all over the Northwest. Plan on attending the next summit at Camp MiVoden. You will be blessed beyond measure. The next Men's Summit is March 3-5, 2017.

UCC Men's Summit11/3/2016Family Life Ministries; Men's Ministries2; 3Yes

Finding ways to connect with their community, the members of the Spokane North View Adventist Church host Dinner with the Doctor - an event held at the community library.

Dinner With a Doctor9/22/2016Adventist Community Services; Health Ministries7; 19No
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