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​2016 UCC Mens's Summit Life Ministries; Men's Ministries2; 3No

​Social media tips​

​Come to lunch at the Northport Adventist Community Center's Main Street Cottage. A place where all can come and receive a healthy meal every Thursday.

Watch how this ACS feeds their community each week.9/12/2016Adventist Community Services; Church Ministries and Discipleship7; 43Yes

Jeff Wines talking about the theme of MiVoden Summer Camp 2016.​

Jeff Wines talking about the theme of MiVoden Summer Camp 20169/12/2016Youth Ministries; Family Life Ministries6; 2Yes

​Learn about the one-day event for children's ministry in Upper Columbia Conference through this short video.  The next workshop is March 5, 2017. Save the date!

Snippets of the 2016 children's leadership seminar for VBS and Sabbath School programs9/15/2016Children's Ministries; Family Life Ministries; Sabbath School Ministries1; 2; 15No

​Pendleton and Hermiston youth and church members volunteered on a Friday to serve at a soup kitchen and also help clean and pull weeds around the building.

Week of Compassion - Pendleton9/15/2016Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries; Adventist Community Services10; 7No

​Young people from Walla Walla made a trip to a retirement home to help spread cheer among the residents as well as to offer prayer.

The requested URL is src=""9/15/2016Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries10No

Members from the Yakima Valley came together to canvass, clean a local park, and repair/clean up the community church.

Week of Compassion - Mabton9/15/2016Adventist Community Services; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries7; 10No

​Young people and church members came together to clean the yard for a young family who is trying to remodel and build a home.

Correct URL is src=""9/15/2016Adventist Community Services; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries7; 10Yes

​Young people from Tri-Cities spent the afternoon

Correct URL src=""9/15/2016Adventist Community Services; Multicultural Ministries & Hispanic Ministries7; 10Yes

This is a 17 minute compilation of several stories recorded during the free health clinic entitled, "Your Best Pathway to Health." This event was held in Spokane August 3,4, 2015.
Over 1500 volunteers registered to assist in this event and over 3,000 visitors received medical services. This is a short tribute to the event and how it made a difference in so many lives. The Upper Columbia Conference partnered with the city of Spokane, Wash., and ASI to provide medical, dental and vision services to those who needed the service. It was provided without regard to insurance and completely free of charge.

correct url src=""9/15/2016Adventist Community Services; Health Ministries; Communications7; 19; 8Yes

Penny and Carl Buick, local SAIL coordinators in East Wenatchee, share how the program has helped them as well as the attendees. This program can be replicated in almost any community. 
SAIL, Staying Active and Independent for Life, is a governmental program that local groups can utilize to help people stay active so they will not fall.

correct URL src=""9/15/2016Adventist Community Services; Health Ministries7; 19Yes

Pathfinder Teens from all over Upper Columbia Conference enjoy a weekend retreat at Camp MiVoden. Even some unconventional games which gave them some extra insights into spiritual growth.

Pathfinder Teen Retreat9/15/2016Family Life Ministries; Pathfinder Clubs; Youth Ministries2; 12; 6Yes

Finding ways to connect with their community, the members of the Spokane North View Adventist Church host Dinner with the Doctor - an event held at the community library.

Dinner With a Doctor9/22/2016Adventist Community Services; Health Ministries7; 19No

​Here is what the 2016 UCC Men's Summit was like. Held each year in March, this event is enjoyed by men from all over the Northwest. Plan on attending the next summit at Camp MiVoden. You will be blessed beyond measure. The next Men's Summit is March 3-5, 2017.

UCC Men's Summit11/3/2016Family Life Ministries; Men's Ministries2; 3No
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