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The news blasts out over TV day and night about coronavirus. The financial news is up and down with investors concerned over long-term ruin. At times, it can make one want to block their ears, shut the door, or take a walk around the block to breathe in the quiet. Most of us are glad for the responses of the governor of the State of Washington to take this seriously and protect vulnerable people. On the other hand, most of us just want life to get back to normal.
But does God want us to just get back to normal and what is normal anyway? God wants his people to spend time with Him so He can pour out a blessing. He wants us to realize that it is time to pray as we have never prayed before. 
The call to pray was on many hearts and because of this, the Upper Columbia Conference has launched a prayer ministry page on its website. The purpose of this prayer ministry is to pray together! 

“Prayer and intercession will get us through life’s greatest storms,” says Minner Labrador Jr., president of Upper Columbia Conference. “We must storm the gates of heaven with prayer and intercession for family, friends and the people you know who need to come to Jesus.”

On the prayer ministry page, there is someone available to pray for you. You can ask someone to call you to pray with you, and you will find a weekly prayer time — Friday evenings at 7 p.m. — where you can share your requests and have a group praying with you. Eric Brown, UCC ministerial director will begin leading out in this online prayer meeting.
Please remember that through any crisis, we are not alone! We have a loving heavenly Father who watches over us. During this time in earth’s history, we need to cling to Jesus and spend much time in prayer. It is our prayer that this ministry will be a support to you and your friends and neighbors. 
As interest grows in this prayer ministry, we will need more volunteers to pray with people. If you would like to be a prayer partner, please let your pastor know. As we need more volunteers, we will be checking with our pastors to help us fill this need.

For more information and to find a prayer partner, go to

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