Blood Drive at Camp Meeting 2019

Time to be announced

Giving the gift of life to someone in need is what being a disciple together with others is all about -- whether you are sharing your friendship with Jesus or giving another person a chance to have a better life. Please follow the link below to make an appointment in advance. There are many time slots available. Scheduling this will help you  with your schedule and help the INBC know in advance that their time will be well spent. Check in at the cafeteria a few minutes before the time you scheduled.  If you do not schedule but want to donate blood come to the cafeteria to see what time slots are available.

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A Personal Story:

Thomas Edward Harner was born at Gritman Medical Center in Moscow on December 8, 2016. After a scheduled C-section, his family noticed he was covered in bruises and had several lumps on his head and back. His doctor ran some lab tests only to find his platelets were dangerously low. He was taken by Life Flight to Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane to receive lifesaving platelets. Thomas was later diagnosed with ALL Infant Leukemia. He has received about 20 transfusions to date and will likely need more as he battles with Leukemia. His family is grateful for those who have donated and encourages others to make the lifesaving donations that helped save Thomas' life. 

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