The stewardship department encourages faithful financial support of the Lord’s work through spiritual motivation. It has a selection of materials to assist the church in educating church members in faithful tithing and support of church budget.


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The memoirs of Shantung Compound include Langdon Gilkey’s account of sharing a prison camp with other foreigners in Japan’s occupation of China during World War II. The food supply shrank until only 1200 calories a day were available to each prisoner: six slices of bread, boiled water, and a bowl of stew. Things changed drastically when the Red Cross brought a shipment of two hundred parcels. Each American received a fair amount of food, clothes, and even sweets. The American prisoners generously shared the excess with other prisoners. Soon conditions deteriorated even more when the provisions went low. Winter was around the corner and six months without receiving any provisions felt like an eternity

When a much-anticipated shipment arrived after Christmas on trained donkeys, the parcels were too numerous to count. The low morale of the camp soon went up. When the Japanese commandant cataloged the shipment, he realized that there was enough for each prisoner and then a half additional parcel for the Americans. On the following day, when the prisoners anticipated receiving their parcels, bad news was shared. No parcels would be distributed because a handful of American prisoners had complained that it was unfair to give all the prisoners the parcels rightfully sent to the American prisoners.

Greed affects everyone, rich or poor. Solomon declares, “there is one who scatters, yet increases more; and there is one who withholds more than is right, but it leads to poverty” (Prov. 11:24). May generosity fill the life of every believer as your local congregation’s needs are met through your giving.


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