Upper Columbia Conference
Outreach Coordinator (Part Time) – Track-2
Job Description


Education and Experience Recommended:

  1. One year of experience leading out in giving Bible studies.
  2. Certification from school or institute for training Bible workers (incl. door-to-door outreach).
  3. Well educated in all 28 Adventist fundamental beliefs.
  4. Proven leadership skills; ability to disciple other members in the body of Christ.
  5. Experience in speaking/preaching in a church or classroom.

Outreach Coordinator Responsibilities:

Work Schedule

  • This is a part time position.
  • A maximum of 28 hours per week.

Coordinate Community Bible studies

  • Coordinate weekly Bible studies (i.e. in-home; one-to-one). (Minimum of 10)
  • Oversee local Bible study correspondence school, if one exists.
  • Teach and mentor church members to give studies, especially on the job training.

Engage Members in Personal Evangelism Work

  • Leading door-to-door activities, (i.e. surveys, literature, CD/DVDs, invitations, etc.). (Minimum of 30 contacts per month)
  • Generate new Bible study interests in the community.
  • Train and mentor church members in reaching their friends and neighbors using a variety of outreach approaches.

Organize Literature/GLOW Outreach

  • Promote and track GLOW distribution by members. (Meet monthly church goal)
  • Work with conference office to train and mobilize members in literature outreach.

Coordinate Outreach Team Meetings

  • Organize, schedule, and facilitate two Outreach Team meetings per month.
  • Actively recruit members to get involved in personal ministry.

Staff Meetings

  • Attend weekly staff meetings with the pastor.
  • Create and review annual cycle of evangelism schedule. Revisit dates, goals and objectives frequently to keep the church focused on its mission.

Assist Pastor with Equipping/Training

  • Partner with the pastor to plan and coordinate equipping and training events. (Minimum of one per quarter)
  • Mentor church members in personal ministry; on-the-job training, role-playing.
  • Build leadership for ongoing outreach ministry.
  • Incorporate the use of spiritual gifts and evangelism styles to empower members for ministry.

Oversee Outreach Events

  • Organize at least six community outreach events per year.
  • Foster regular ongoing personal ministry activities (e.g. neighborhood ministries, GLOW, survey campaigns, social events, etc.).
  • Create a new church culture for evangelism.

Conduct Reaping Events

  • Assist in at least one reaping event per year.
  • Coordinate pre-work and follow-up visits and studies with interests.

Share/Publicize Outreach Efforts

  • Publicize outreach opportunities so the church knows what is happening.
  • Use five minutes each Sabbath during the worship service to share outreach stories and talk about the importance of co-laboring with Christ.

Send Monthly Reports to Conference Office and Pastor

  • Fill out and send Outreach Coordinator report by the 16th of each month.


  • The pay rate is a range of $15 – $20 per hour.