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CEU Balances, 5-1-17
CEU, Year-End Carry Over Procedure, rev'd 11-4-14
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Sermon Preparation help from Best Practices; suggestion by Tim Mitchell from PUC:
Use Google Scholar as a helpful tool for sermon prep. By using Google Scholar to look for legitimate articles you can omit a lot of the crazy stuff on the web.
You can also consult a single, specific chapter of a book that would cost you $30 to buy for one sermon. Recently I preached on the Lord's Supper from
1 Corinthians 11. Here's an example of a helpful and practical resource I found online in about two minutes:
Google Scholar --> G. Theissen, 1 Corinthians 11.
Social Integration and Sacramental Activity: An Analysis of 1 Cor 11: 17-34.

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