Risk Control Plan

Using This Material

This Risk Management Handbook and Injury & Illness prevention plan was developed as a set of best practices to help you enhance your current program or, if you have no current plan, to provide you a base line from which to begin. We also designed this handbook to be a handy reference guide to answer many common questions concerning Conference insurance programs and to help you at the local church/school level in planning and implementing church and school programs and activities. The most essential element is YOU and YOUR COMMITMENT to making it happen!

Each topic has been developed to provide you with clear examples, planning tools, individualized plans that provide guidance with regulatory expectations, and other safety standards.

Here is a list of contents for all the Chapters and Appendixes listed to the right:

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Getting Started - Risk Control Program
Appendix 2-A Risk Control Program Endorsement
Appendix 2-B Church/School Safety Officer
Appendix 2-C Church/School Safety Committee
Appendix 2-D Church Self-Inspection Form
Appendix 2-E School Self-Inspection Form
Chapter 3 Church Workers
Appendix 3-A NAD Insurance Requirements
Appendix 3-B Reporting Accidents to UCC
Appendix 3-C Worker Safety Rules
Appendix 3-D Safety Orientation Checklist
Appendix 3-E Medical Claim Form
Appendix 3-F Volunteer Information Form
Chapter 4 Church Property
Appendix 4-A Fire Prevention Plan
Appendix 4-B Property Loss Claim Form
Appendix 4-C ARM Construction Guidelines
Appendix 4-D New Construction Reporting Form
Chapter 5 Church Activities
Appendix 5-A Field Trip/Outing Planner
Appendix 5-B Parent Authorization
Appendix 5-C Medical Claim Form
Appendix 5-D Request for Certificate of Insurance
Chapter 6 Church Transportation and Vehicles
Appendix 6-A Automobile Loss Claim Form
Appendix 6-B Driver’s Application Form
Appendix 6-C 15 Passenger Van Warning
Appendix 6-D Federal Law for Van Use
Appendix 6-E Vehicle Safety Checklist
Chapter 7 Planning For The Unexpected
Appendix 7-A Emergency Action Plan
Appendix 7-B Crisis Management Plan
Appendix 7-C Staff Skills Inventory
Chapter 8 Additional Resources
1. ‘Welcome Back’ Work Comp. Program
2. Tips for Dealing w/ an OSHA Inspection
3. Blood Borne Pathogen Program Information
4. Chemical Safety – MSDS Information
5. Lockout/Tagout Program Information
6. Sample Job Safety Classifications
7. ARM Audio-Visual Catalog



To download the Risk Control Notebook in its entirety, please click here.