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2017 Payroll Calendar

List of Paid Holidays - Benefit Summary

2017 Supervisor Payroll Calendar

New Pay Cycle:

As of January 2016, the Time Sheets, Payroll Reports, and Worker Reports are due on the 19th of each month.  For example, January Pay Cycle will contain hours worked from December 16 through January 15.

Time Sheets, Payroll Reports, or Worker Reports are due to the Upper Columbia Conference (UCC) Payroll Office by the 19th of each month from all UCC employees.

Hourly Worker Time Sheet
Excel Document* - Updated for 2017
PDF - Blank
PDF - Fillable**
Office Salaried Worker Payroll Report
Excel Document
PDF - Fillable**
Word Document
Pastor's Monthly Payroll Report
Excel Document
PDF - Fillable**
Word Document
Church/School Monthly Payroll Report
PDF - Fillable**
PDF - Blank
Word Document
*Date can be changed by changing the month number in the calendar on the Excel Document.

**PDFs will become fillable once downloaded.

Direct Deposit & Electronic Pay Stub

Paychecks can be automatically deposited into your bank account each payperiod. Please complete and send the Direct Deposit Form to Human Resources to take advantage of this option.

Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposits

If you have direct deposit and would like to sign-up to recieve your pay stub electronically (by e-mail) please complete the form below and send it to the Human Resource Department.

Authorization Agreement for Electronic Pay Stub Submission

Vacation Requests

Vacation Requests should be Approved by the Department Director and UCC HR Director prior to the vacation time requested.

Office Worker Vacation Request

Pastor's Vacation Request

Helpful Resources for Hiring

Employee Cost Analysis Worksheet (Form T-2) - Washington - Idaho & Oregon
Current Employee Audit Form (Form T-4)
New Position Proposal (Form HR-1) (if applicable)