Human Resources

Hiring Process and Forms

Step 1: Job Description Approval

Please check with Upper Columbia Conference Human Resources to see if a job description is on file, if one is not on file please submit a job description to Human Resources which has been approved by the local board for the job which you will be hiring. For sample job descriptions please click here. Once your job description has been reviewed and you have received confirmation from the HR Department please move on to Step 2 in the hiring process. If applicable please submit a New Position Proposal.

You may also want to take advantage of the Employee Cost Analysis Worksheets (For Washington; or Idaho & Oregon). This will give you an estimate on the costs of hiring an employee and the benefits eligibility based on the number of hours per week.

Step 2: Application Process

In this step, the local hiring entity (church, school, etc.) will post the position, check references, and interview candidates.

Please note: We understand that each local entity may choose to complete Step 2 & 3 differently to accommodate their location. We recommend you follow the process below to ensure consistency with your hiring process.

Step 2 Checklist:
- Post Job Opening
- Review Applications for Employment (See below for an Application)
           - Application for Employment (Form A)
- Interview Candidates
        - Once applicants are interviewed and prior to any post hiring background check, you may request an
           Acknowledgment Criminal History. This form is only sent per request from the UCC HR Department
           to the candidate only once the initial interview has been conducted.
- Talk with at least 2 references who know each candidate personally or professionally
           - Complete the Reference Form while talking to two references
           - If the candidate is hired these forms must be submitted to the UCC HR Department in addition to
             all new hire forms.

Step 3: Board Recommendation

When the board determines the best candidate, they should take a board action to recommend that the Upper Columbia Conference hire the specific candidate. The board action should specify the rate of pay, hours per week authorized to work, whether or not overtime is authorized, and the prospective effective date of employment. The rate of pay should fall within the wage range listed on the Job Description from Step 1. 

Step 3 Checklist:
- Present candidate recommendation to Church/School Board
- Board approves the specific candidate and the following paperwork is sent to the UCC HR Department:
           ~ Copy of board minutes approving the hire of the candidate for the position
           ~ Copy of the candidates Application for Employment and Reference Forms
           ~ Completed Personnel Action Request (PAR) Form (Sections 1, 2, 5)

Step 4: Post-Hire

Once the new employee has been offered the job, the church or school needs to send the UCC HR Department a completed Authorization to Release Information form from the perspective employee. This will allow us to complete background screening on the perspective/new employee. The background screening must be completed before the start date. All offers of employment should be contengent upon a clear background check. Please Note: If you believe your new hire has completed Shield The Vulnerable training please notify the HR Department.

Step 5: New Hire Paperwork

Once the new employee has been hired, the church or school will need to have the new employee complete the applicable new hire paperwork (see table below). This should be completed prior to the first day of employment or within 3 days after their start date with the exception of the I-9 Form (see the information below regarding the specific time frame that the I-9 is required to be completed).

I-9 Information:
Included in the Basic New Hire Packet is an I-9 form. Accurate adherence to this step is vital to comply with Federal Law. The purpose of this form is to verify the identity of each person hired and to verifiy his or her authorization to work in the United States. The following describes what must be completed:

  • Section 1 (Page 7) must be completed and signed by the new employee no later than the 1st day of employment. (A translator may assist.)
  • Section 2 (Page 8) is to be completed by the pastor, principal, treasurer, or office manager no later than the third day after employment begins. If this doesn't happen, the employee cannot continue to work.
                - In order to complete Section 2, the pastor, principal, treasurer, or office manager
                  must examine and make copies of the appropriate work authorization documentation.
  • Send the I-9 form and copies of appropriate work authorization documents to the UCC HR Department immediately upon completion.
Employment Type Requirements for All Staff Misc. and Benefit Applications

Regular Full-Time (FT)

Regular Part-Time Benefited
Hours per Week: 30-37

Regular Part-Time Benefited
Hours per Week: 20-29

Regular Part-Time Non-Benefited Hours per Week: 0-19 -  must be less than 19 hours per week,
Temporary Employee (must be less than 3 months), Seasonal,
or Student


*All of the paperwork listed in Steps 1-5 (Job Desription, Application, References, Board Minutes, PAR Form, etc.) should be submitted to the HR Department in order to add and process the new employee in our HR and Payroll Systems.

**Student Employees are those who are students at your school, in which case they do not need to complete the Reference forms.

Beyond Step 5: Employment

The local church or school will be responsible for supervising the locally funded employee. This includes ensuring hourly employees properly report hours worked on a time card (Visit the Payroll Tab for up-to-date timecards);  submitting a Personnel Action Request Form to notify us with any changes in employment, wages, etc.; providing feedback and evaluations, and all other day to day supervision. Personal information changes should be requested through the Employee Data Collection Form.

Employee Forms and Resources (Alphabetical)
Helpful Resources for Hiring

Benefit Summary
Employee Cost Analysis Worksheet (Form T-2)
Current Employee Audit Form (Form T-4)
New Position Proposal (Form HR-1) (if applicable)

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