Seminars are 9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. In addition to the classes below, we are still awaiting photos and titles for a cooking class by Teenie Finley as well as one more class.

Jim and Virginia Davidson - Jesus and Science
(Thursday 9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. repeating Friday.)

Jesus and a Bottle of Water (9:30 a.m.)
If there really is a God, wouldn't there be evidence of God in the common things all around us? You'll be amazed at the complexity and awesome energy contained in common drinking water.

Outside the Box (2:30 p.m.)
Humanity is limited -- we are all in a box. Come see The Box -- and learn how God helped Jim get out of the box.

Zero Probability and the ABCs (4:00 p.m.)
Did you learn the ABCs in first grade or before? How hard would it be to get the ABCs in order by pure chance, and is it possible for some things to have a zero probability?

Jim and Virginia are board members of Jesus and Science Seminars, Inc. Jim will present the story of his changing from an agnostic with no belief in God, dropping out of college and on a path to ruin, to a radically transformed life. He found God willing and able to be involved in his life and his everyday challenges. Viginia is Jim's wife, mother of their children. Shis is a professional stained-glass artist and has taught Bible and English at the secondary level. She has published in the Bible Study Guide and several subscription magazines, most recently in the anthology "Servant God." She is passionate about the God who is love and what He is doing in the universe, and what it is He really wants.


Heather Leno

Annie Morgan - Equipping Members for Personal Ministry 
(Two seminars on Thursday - 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. - and repeating on Friday.) 
Former Assistant Director for the Amazing Facts Center for Evangelism, has been actively involved in soul winning since 1993, serving as a Bible instructor, trainer, and evangelism coordinator for local churches and two net evangelism programs.  She finds inspiration and motivation in watching the miracles that God can work – even in those who seem so resistant to truth.
Awakening Spiritual Interest (9:30 a.m.)
Learn to awaken spiritual interest, recognize the moments when a person is open to the gospel, understand why people react the way they do, and discover equations to successfully reach both the hostile & apathetic.

Helping People Decide (2:30 p.m.)
When God’s word is skillfully shared, the Holy Spirit will lead a person to decision.  Learn the art of cooperating with God in this important work.  Study the science of how the Holy Spirit uses the Soul Winner to share God’s word with People who are in the valley of decision.


Tim Adams

Paul Blake - Ephesians, Four Parts 
(2:30 and 4 p.m. on Thursday and Friday) 
Ephesians is a book that has inspired and endured the centuries without diminishing in power and grace.  Ephesians lays out some of the most powerful yet simple expositions of the Gospel message in Christ Jesus.  Pastor Blake will be presenting the book in four parts and covering these and other subjects that the book covers. The apostle Paul's stunning book has such a profound and simple message all who read and study it will be blessed.

1. - Who you are in Christ Ephesians 1
2. - By grace you have been Saved  Ephesians 2
3. - Marriage  Ephesians 5
4. - The Fruit of the Spirit  Ephesians 6

Paul Blake is the lead pastor of the Spokane South Hill Adventist Church. He enjoys sharing biblical teachings that lead to practical application in individual lives.


Tim Adams

Tim Adams - Live Streaming Fundamentals 
(Two seminars, one on Thursday and one repeating on Friday) 
It seems that every church is trying to get into live streaming, but how do you know you’re ready for it?  In this seminar, presenter Tim Adams will take you through the process of what equipment is necessary to live stream at all budget levels, what considerations you need to think about before buying equipment and how to create a way to attract and engage viewers.  


Francini Reis

Francini Reis - Children's Ministry 
(Three seminars on Thursday - 9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. - and repeating on Friday.) 
Francini Reis grew up in Brazil and has been in the US since 2001. She is married to Andre and they have three beautiful girls, Pamela (14), Chloe (8) and Mckayla (5). They love to spend time together as a family and enjoy working with the children and youth choirs.

She has been an educator since 1997; she graduated with a B.A. in Math & Science as well as teaching certificates in Montessori and Music Education for Kids (Kindermusik). She has worked in many churches as Children's Ministries Coordinator and has been the Children's Pastor at Florida Hospital Church in Orlando, FL for 3 years.

Marilyn Salmon - Building Women’s Ministry in your Church
(One seminar on Thursday and repeated Friday)
Throughout history, the daughters of God have played an important role in the work of the Lord.  We will explore prayerful inspiration and encouragement for beginning and building an effective Women’s Ministry in your church to help build the body of Christ.

Marilyn Salmon is a Critical Care nurse of 28 years in the Spokane area.  She currently serves as a co-leader of Women’s Ministry and an Associate in Pastoral Care for her local church.  She also serves as Team Lead for Spokenya Hospice Missions which takes local teams to serve in rural Kenya.  Her desire is to inspire and encourage people to seek out their giftedness in Christ to become "living stones"  to build up the body of Christ.  She and her husband Rupert have homeschooled their two daughters Meghin and Ariana who both now attend Walla Walla University.  They both love spending time serving in their local church.


Cindy Tutsch

Dr. Cindy Tutsch - Who Is Ellen White? 
(Three seminars on Thursday - 9:30 a.m. 2:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. - and repeating on Friday.) 
Dr. Cindy Tutsch will present the following seminars:
1. Who is Ellen G. White and Why Does She Matter,  9:30 a.m.
2. The Eschatological relevance of Ellen White in the 21st Century. 2:30 p.m.
3. Ellen White and Last Day Events, 4 p.m.

Dr. Cindy Tutsch most recently served until retirement as an Associate Director of the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists . She has been involved in youth ministry, teaching, and evangelism for 45 years, as a pastor, Bible teacher, lay ministries coordinator, television host, literature-evangelism leader, and conference youth director She is the author of four books, including Ellen White on Leadership: Guidance for those who influence others, and scores of articles in Adventist publications.  She and her husband, Ulrich, especially enjoy outdoor recreation with their children and grandchildren.


Lynelle Ellis

Lynelle R. Ellis - Media Influences on Families 
(Two seminars on Thursday that will repeat on Friday.) 
Lynelle Ellis is an associate professor in the communications and languages department at Walla Walla University and the Director of the Center for Media Ministry (housing the new Master of Arts in Media Ministry degree). She is married to Daniel Ellis and they have three children: Garrett, Lauren and Ashton.

Part 1: The Power of Media--a look at the influence that media has on our lives. How much do we consume? How does it effect us? In this era of "always on" media we, as Christians, need to better understand the mediated world around us so that we can be more discerning consumers.

Part 2: Media Choices--media is powerful, so this session takes a careful look at biblical principles and some helpful suggestions about how we might be discerning consumers of media and how we might structure family life related to media to make way for healthy relationships and spiritual growth. How can we use media for good, rather than becoming victims or addicts? 

Jean Gulden, CLU, CASL - Medicare 101
Friday at 2:30 and a repeat Friday at 4:30)
Education overview of Medicare. Come learn the basics of Medicare and understanding your options, when and how to choose, and some of the consequences of your choice.
Jean began her insurance career in 1978 but took a very long sabbatical after being blessed with triplet daughters. She returned to insurance about 12 yrs ago and has been an independent agent for the last 7 years. As a broker, she represents many different companies and can help clients choose plans that meet their needs. Though licensed for Life, Health, Long-term Care and Financial products, her focus is  on Medicare and individual health insurances. An avid horseback rider and trainer, she also enjoys gardening and lives with her husband of 37 years in the Spokane Valley. 

Eric Kelly

Eric Kelly and Jesse Ravencroft - Gospel-Medical Missionary Evangelism: Models From Adventist History
(Thursday 2:30 a.m. repeats Friday)

Today many in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination are feeling the need for the missing element of revival as well as the ability to reach the people as Jesus did. Come hear about a method of evangelism that brings revival to the church and reaches people for Jesus. When these principles are followed, the pen of inspiration affirms, “see if the breath of life will not quickly return to these churches.”


Erik Kelly (left) is a seminary graduate and nurse practitioner working part-time in a local clinic with Dr. John Torquato. His great interest lies in creating bridges between the clinic and community and helping to revive the knowledge and practice of company evangelism.
Jesse Ravencroft (right) is a pastor and licensed massage therapist, and curator of the W.D. Frazee library on the campus of Wildwood Health Institute. He has a burden to bring back the success seen in evangelism when we follow the Lord's directives.


Eric Kelly

Wayne Kablanow and John Torquato - Principles of Medical Ministry: Why it Matters and Why You Should Participate.(Thursday 2:30 a.m. repeats Friday)
Today many in the Seventh-day Adventist denomination are feeling the need for the missing element of revival as well as the ability to reach the people as Jesus did. Come hear about a method of evangelism that brings revival to the church and reaches people for Jesus. When these principles are followed, the pen of inspiration affirms, “see if the breath of life will not quickly return to these churches.”

Company Evangelism: A Current Example (Thursday 4 p.m. repeats Friday)
An overview of a two year experiment in Gospel/Medical Evangelistic outreach in Spokane to start in September 2017 involving a company of volunteers including evangelists, doctors, pastors, medical providers, nurses, Bible workers, dentists, colporteurs, outreach coordinators, church members, cooks, massage therapists, and others.  This will be a collaborative effort available to all Spokane area ministries and open to all who wish to participate. 

Wayne Kablanow (left) is a church planting pastor and the Church Planting Coordinator for UCC.  He is currently planting and building two churches in the Spokane area.  He has a passion to reunite the gospel work with the medical work because he believes that Christ-like work for the body and Christ-like work for the soul is ONE work.

John Torquato MD (right) is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician with offices in Hayden Idaho, Spokane Valley, and soon in Mead Washington. He is also the medical director of Total Health Spokane, and outreach effort of church members seeking to bless the city of Spokane starting in the fall of 2017. He enjoys empowering church members to reach out to their communities through sacrificial acts of loving kindness and is passionate about helping to reverse “the worst evil.”


Heather Leno

Barbara Kerr - Juicing 101: How juicing saved my life & How to make fresh juices to boost health
(Thursday 9:30 and repeats Thursday at 4 p.m. and Friday at 2:30 p.m.)
Barbara Kerr will share her personal story of how juicing saved her life after 13 years of debilitating Crohn’s disease. You will learn how to make simple, wholesome juices, and why it is important to juice even if you consider yourself healthy.

Charcoal: How to use & make charcoal in an emergency
(Thursday 2:30 p.m. and repeats Thursday at 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.)
Charcoal may be the most powerful natural remedy God has given us to use in a crisis. Join us and learn how to make different types of poultices & how to make charcoal in your own backyard.

Barbara is a holistic health practitioner who is passionate about helping people eat better and live healthier lives. After years of living with Crohn’s disease and almost dying twice by age 29, Barbara embarked on a mission to completely change her diet and lifestyle. Barbara’s determination evolved into a career that includes cooking schools, health classes, TV appearances and live blood cell analysis. She is the author of two cookbooks and has produced dozens of radio programs.


Jennipher Ama

Jennipher Ama and Lynn St. Louis - Roadmap For Avoiding Long Term Care Disasters
(Thursday at 2:30 p.m. repeats Friday at 9:30 a.m.)
Gain Invaluable insights from the region’s leading Elder Care Attorney and Aging Life Care Manager on how to navigate the Long Term Care landscape to protect you, your assets and your loved ones.

Jennipher Ama (left) is a certified Aging Life Care Manager.  As president and founder of Family First Senior Care, Inc, she is one of the area’s leading experts on Home Care and Geriatric Care Management.  As a Registered Nurse and Certified Care Manager, specializing in Critical Care Nursing, Jennipher uses the skills and experience gained over many years working in healthcare and business development to advocate for those in need of additional assistance throughout their continuum of care.

Lynn St. Louis (right) is an Elder Law Attorney and founding partner of Elder Law Group. She believes that no one is more deserving of dependable and compassionate support than our seniors. She experienced first-hand the unique challenges facing those in need of Long-Term Care by providing care and guidance for her own aging parents. She founded Lynn St. Louis Law Office PLLC, now known as Elder Law Group PLLC, so that others could benefit from her expertise, personal insight and experience.