Rudy Micelli

On Sabbath afternoon, June 217, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. in the Big Tent, Rudy Micelli will present a concert. 

Sample of his music
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Born and raised in Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul in southern Brazil, Micelli is the youngest of eight siblings (seven brothers and one sister) in a musical family. He began singing in church with his family at the age of three. At the age of 13 he was conducting the senior choir at his church.

As a young man, his extraordinary talent caught the attention of secular musicians, which eventually led to a life of emptiness in the glitzy world of entertainment. But the Spirit of God never stopped tugging at his heart and one night, at the very depths of darkness, Rudy finally listened. He rededicated his life to Lord and never looked back.

A short time later, he came to the US to pursue music ministry, but he still faced one more big temptation when a major record label offered him a lucrative recording contract. He turned it down. In 2000 he formally established his music ministry.

Rudy's Testimony

When you have Jesus Christ, you have it all. And, this is the message that Rudy Micelli, not only embraces and lives by, but it is the one he has been most passionate about sharing in his 14 years of independent music ministry, a journey that is often wrought with uncertainty, loneliness and grueling trials, but richly rewarding in its impact for eternity.

For Rudy, this journey began long before he formally began music ministry, or even realized the very high calling upon his life. Born and raised in Bagé, Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil, Rudy is the youngest in a musical family of eight. It could be said that music is in his blood, in the sense that his mother used to sing in church even late into her pregnancy with him.

Throughout his childhood, Rudy sang often in church with his family and at the age of 13 he was directing his church’s s senior choir, "Cristo, Esperança Nossa" (Christ, Our Hope). But, as it happens with every good gift that God gives, the enemy is also looking for ways to use talents for his destructive purposes, and in his very early 20s, Rudy received the gift of a lifetime, a ticket to watch one of the most popular Broadway style musical theatre shows in Brazil at the time.

After the show the director told him that the reason he had given him the ticket was because he wanted him to join the group. In retrospect, Rudy realized that at that moment he should have said no and run the other way, but he didn’t.

“I told him I’d think about it,” he recalled. “All the way home there was a huge controversy going on in my heart.”

Rudy rationalized that it wouldn’t hurt to attend just a rehearsal or two. A rehearsal or two turned into two and a half years of living what many considered a dream but that he quickly realized was a nightmare world of drugs, drinking, depression and an all-consuming emptiness and confusion.

“I learned that those smiles, the dancing and cheering were all a façade,” he said. “I understood because I was feeling that emptiness too.” The voice of the Holy Spirit became softer and church and prayer time became practically non-existent for Rudy. But the voice of the Spirit never stopped whispering in his ear. One night, Rudy finally listened.

“What are you doing here?” the Voice asked. “I didn’t give you your talent for this. Come back.”

After the show he called all his cast mates, told them he was a Christian and that that was his last night with the show. He told them he had walked away from his faith and that he had Personal Testimony been happy and fulfilled when Jesus Christ was at the center of his life. He invited his friends to join him.

“They said they knew I was different and that I should do what made me happy,” he tells. “I knew that Jesus Christ is the only source of happiness.”

A short time later, determined to use his talent only for the Lord, Rudy stumbled up Radio Novo Tempo (New Time), a Seventh-Day Adventist radio station. He was fascinated and moved by the high quality, beautifully orchestrated music he heard and kept tuning in on a daily basis. He knew this was the kind of music he wanted to sing.“I felt so inspired,” he said.

A concert, by someone who had become one of his favorite artists, Alessandra Samadello, brought him to an Adventist church for the first time.

“The atmosphere was very different,” he said of his first impression. “There was prayer and reverence and it felt so right. I wanted to know more.” After the concert Rudy approached the pastor and told him he wanted to study the Bible. In May of 1995, five months later, he was baptized.

In 1997 Rudy moved to the United States and shortly thereafter Sony Latin offered him a very lucrative record deal, which he turned down. While lucrative offers for secular music still come his way on a regular basis, all he has to do is recall the emptiness he felt in the past in order to say “No, thank you. I’ve made my choice.”

“It’s not worth trying what’s out there,” he tells young people, especially those who may have dreams of becoming recording artists. “Curiosity is where the danger is, as you open the door just to look out into the world. As long as you have Jesus Christ, you have everything you need.” And because of his choice, today thousands have been moved to choose Jesus Christ, too.