KEEP Scholarships

The Kids Educational Endowment/Scholarship Program

Giving every Adventist child the opportunity for an Adventist Education!

The Challenge

Right now, 55 percent of our children are NOT in Adventist schools! That's over 1,400 kids!

The Sobering Facts

  • Tuition appears out of reach for an increasing number of Adventist families.
  • Local churches are stretched to the breaking point meeting scholarship needs.
  • In our growing Spanish churches, 189 children want to come to our schools, but a lack of money prevents them!
  • The task is simply larger than individual churches and schools can do on their own.

The Plan

  • Raise $4 million to support an endowment that will perpetually fund annual scholarships.
  • Gifts are split 75 percent for endowment and 25 percent for scholarships unless otherwise specified.
  • KEEP enhances, not replaces, the vital funds available from local churches.
  • Funds allocated each year go to all Upper Columbia Conference K-12 schools.
  • Scholarship needs are decided and awarded by the local schools and churches.

Why Does it Matter?

Our children are the future of the Adventist church. Every year they spend in our schools gives a greater chance of staying in the church. We need to KEEP kids in our schools, in our churches and close to Jesus!