Getting the Other Side

By Gemma Casebolt

My story starts at camp MiVodin summer of 2010. My aunt and uncle went every year, but this year two family members were working and they had extra room so I was invited to go. I went and spent the week wakeboarding and observing staff and other campers. The week went by as a normal camp week should, but what I noticed about the staff was not what they were wearing or what they said but who they appeared to be. The staff members—who were mostly college and high school students—all had this quality about them that I didn’t. They seemed complete, whole in some way, I think one might say filled, or that they had hope for something better.

What changed my outlook on life in the biggest way was the last day of camp. At camp meeting the staff all came out stage with a piece of cardboard that had their confession on it, and on the back said how God and changed them and made them whole. One man’s said, “I was a drug addict,” and on the back, “now God is my only master.” Another said “I was abused and broken” and the back said “But God has made me whole.”

These confessions really struck my heart because I knew what many of them had experienced, I too felt broken, and lost, and in an empty void I couldn’t escape from. But the difference was I didn’t have another side to my cardboard. I didn’t have God in my life to lift me up and make me whole again. Later that night the staff put on a silent play about a girl going through the troubles of life, and pushing God out. It was so easy to identify with and it was extremely touching. That night changed everything for me. I talked to my Aunt and Uncle and prayed with them to bring God into my life. I wanted what they had. I wanted to be whole.

On the way home from Camp I told my mom I wanted to go to UCA since I knew that’s where many of the staff were from. I knew that UCA was a place I could culture my relationship with God and see if I had a taste for being a Seventh Day Adventist. I am at UCA now, and I am getting the other side to my cardboard. God is giving me hope for the future and fixing the damages from my past. I am well on my way to being whole again.

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