MiVoden Cabins

Playing an Important Roll in Discipling Our Kids

Schools and playgrounds need upgrades occasionally to meet safety and accessibility standards. The same is true for summer camps.

Time to Upgrade

MiVoden's facilities desperately need repair. In addition to needed safety upgrades, 37 years of camper traffic have left carpets thread-bare and countertops worn through. But restoration is just a small part of the picture.

Time For A Change

Our growing and changing camp constituency has different needs than they had 37 years ago. In addition to regular camp attendance, whole families are seeking quality time together, and more church groups and organizations are seeking a quality retreat experience year-round. All this points to a new look for MiVoden.

The Plan

The first phase of the master plan calls for building eight new youth cabins and bringing infrastructure up to current code, such as improved RV locations, an improved wastewater system, access roads, and a reservoir for domestic water use and fire suppression. Future phases include remodeling the current cabin structures and building a gymnasium, a multi-use cafeteria facility, and a nature center.

The Cost - Phase I

We need $1 million for t he first phase of our master plan. Each new cabin duplex will cost approximately $125,000.