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Teen Pathfinder Mission Adventure


TMA Moses Lake Crestview Christian SchoolPathfinders in Moses Lake

Teen Pathfinder Mission Adventure is a project initiated by caring Pathfinder Staff who felt that teens - all teens should be able to participate in an affordable missionary trip. Where better, they reasoned, than in "their own backyard " --the Upper Columbia Conference!

Teen Pathfinder Mission Adventure takes place each year during Spring break. This year the dates for TMA are March 20 through March 27, 2016. 

This year TMA will take place in Northeastern Idaho.  Hoping to assuage some of the damage that took place during the firestorm and the windstorm that occurred  in 2016.  Some projects will take place in Bayview, Idaho and others in areas around Camp MiVoden in Hayden Lake.

What is TMA?  Teen Mission Adventure  provides an opportunity for teen Pathfinders to actively minister to a designated area within the Upper Columbia Conference. Each year a project is selected where Pathfinders, Pathfinder Staff, and other church members assist in constructing church buildings or renovating existing structures while also conducting outreach activities within the community.

The self-growth potential during these mission projects is phenomenal whether being God's hands as in Pateros while removing burnt trailers to the dump or splitting and delivering wood to the needy.  Seeing God's spirit move through teens as they  renovated a church in Brewster WA where the town people were singularly impressed with the teamwork of such a large group of teenagers.  I am certain God's pleasure was reflected in an area where in 2007 the pathfinders cleared brush from a construction site, tore down a structure in one part of town and transported in another part of town -- the site of the new Pallisades Christian Academy.

Crazy but true, workers actually pay* to take part of this mission trip and are restful and eager for each day's assignment after sleeping on hard floors or on cots in sleeping bags. Of course, everyone is well fed - three meals a day. Pathfinders return year after year eager to take part in this activitiy.

In 2008 the activity was held in Goldendale, Washington on the grounds of the new Project Patch Ranch and in 2009 the Pathfinders went to Camp Mivoden in Hayden Lake, ID to see what the LORD wanted them to do in that community. They cleaned a home of a house-bound neighbor; cut wood; moved the furniture from the Pine Guest Rooms and completely stripped the rooms to the studs in preparation for Maranatha Volunteers to completely redesign the rooms.

The mission trip  in 2012 was in the  Walla Walla Valley Community where Pathfinders worked on another church in need of "gentle remodeling".

In 2013 the group returned to Spokane.  There they built a green house at a domestic violence shelter;  installed two walking paths one at a shelter and another at a assisted living facility;  repaired a roof and laid shingles on  a home in Cheney; and other projects within the communities of Spokane, Cheney and Spangle.

In 2014 the group visited Moses Lake, Othello and Connell Washington where many projects awaited their willing hands.

Are you interested? Download the application from the top of this page.  Have your pathfinder director and pastor recommend you.  Send the applications to the address below:

Please make checks payable to:  Village SDA Church

Send registration form and check to:


Steve Meharry

10973 Millcreek Rd.

Walla Walla, WA 99362

Cell: 509-240-0300;  Home : 509-522-2254

The deadline to register this year is March 9. Join us for an experience that will be extremely rewarding -physically, spiritually and mentallly.  Applications postmarked after March 9 should include at $25.00 late fee.

* the cost this year is $ 100.00







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