Community says Yes! to Dinner with a Doctor

by Bill Skidmore

The participants enjoyed food demonstrations of the healthy food they were served.

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash., March 27, 2017  -  It’s late Sunday afternoon at Spokane Valley Adventist Church (Wash.) and “Dinner with a Doctor” will soon begin. However, there is an unusual problem. Although pre-registration has been encouraged, there are more attendees showing up than there is space. It looks as if the church may have to put out a sign that reads, “Sorry, No Vacancy.” The three seminar rooms are full. And when the entire group later gathers in the fellowship room, it too will be at the max.

The seminar presenters are Dr. Adam Lyko and Dr. Wichit Srikureja and the attendees also hear from guest presenters: Darius Howard, a professional fitness trainer, and Martha Koeske, a nutritional therapist. Behind the scene, recording all the presentations is Rupert Salmon and his crew of videographers and switch managers, many of whom are young people who attend Valley Adventist.

Jamie Street not only presents a food demonstration to the entire group, she and her staff of volunteers prepare a delicious vegetarian meal, which is served by UCA student volunteers. As participants enjoy their meal, the doctors move from table to table engaging them in conversation and answering questions. Participants speak again and again with appreciation for the practical instruction, the hospitality and the excellenc of the program. This event was inspiring and a blessing. Bobbie Jo Srikureja, coordinator for the program, cites “God’s big blessings” as she speaks of the results.

A long time ago a little lady named Ellen White wrote, “The medical missionary work is as the right arm of the third angel’s message which must be proclaimed to a fallen world…” It looks as if she is on target once again.

Spokane Valley Adventist Church is intentional about reaching the community and plans to offer three more Dinner with a Doctor programs during 2017 with the next one in April.