New Pastor in UCC

by Kathy Marson

Dean and Karen Lifshay are locating in the area of the Hermiston and Heppner Adventist churches and will be on duty the first of May.

HERMISTON, Oregon., April 27, 2016  -  We welcome Dean and Karen Lifshay to the Hermiston and Heppner Seventh-day Adventist church district. His wife, Karen, shared with us some interesting details of their life. 

"Dean Lifshay grew up in Oak Park, Michigan as the youngest member of a Jewish family.  When Dean was 18, his mother passed away and he began searching for meaning in life.  That search eventually led him to accept Jesus as his Messiah and Lord."  

"He first encountered Adventists on one of his many travels back and forth to a remote cabin in British Columbia, Canada.  After studying the message and being fully persuaded by it's beauty, Dean was given the opportunity to serve as a volunteer in Central America.  He spent the most of the next few years in Belize at La Loma Luz hospital."  

"Upon returning to the states, he met his now wife, Karen, at a Bible study at Andrews University where she was a student.  After their marriage in 1983, it soon became clear that the Lord was calling him into full-time ministry and he completed his degree in Theology at Pacific Union College in 1990. After pastoring in Las Vegas for two years, he completed his M.Div. degree at the Seminary and went on to pastor in several districts for the Nevada-Utah Conference.  In 2007, he began working for the Idaho Conference pastoring several rural churches in Eastern Idaho." 

Dean most recently served as a pastor in two states, serving in Idaho Falls, Pocatello, and Blackfoot, Idaho; and across the border in Teton Valley, Wyoming. He enjoys focusing in equipping and involving the members in personal and public evangelism. This last district was a two-church district but during his time there two additional companies were planted -- one English and one Spanish -- and a branch Sabbath Schoool was started. 

Dean enjoys hiking and camping and any time spent in nature.  He also loves music, science and technology.  Dean and Karen have three young adult sons, Reuben, Jacob and Daniel.