Honoring the Sabbath

by Kathy Marson

Paul Hartman (student in the middle) receives an award in Battle Ground, Wash., at the ACSI Spelling Bee.
The Hartman's gas tank hovered near empty for 87 miles.

SPANGLE, Wash., April 11, 2016  -  Students who find themselves competing with other schools, whether it be sports, knowledge bowls or spelling bees can often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to Sabbath keeping.

Recently the Upper Columbia Academy Elementary School (UCAES) held a spelling bee. Paul Hartman was one of the students who moved on to the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) district bee in Spokane.

Paul qualified to move on to the regional spelling bee in Battle Ground, Wash. At this event he also qualified to move on to the national spelling bee in Washington D.C.

Paul had every chance to do well at the national level. However, he turned down the opportunity because the national spelling bee takes place on Sabbath.

Paul and his mom, Lorna Hartman, were on their way home from Battle Ground and it was Friday afternoon. They were hoping to make it far enough before sunset to get a tank of gas before Sabbath so they could make it all the way home to Spangle, Wash.

Unfortunately they ran into rush hour traffic and realistically weren’t going to be able to make it home on the gas they had.  Lorna decided to keep heading toward home in faith and not worry about the gas till it ran out.

As the sun went down and the miles crept by, they were still driving on Highway 395 when the fuel light came on. They still needed to get to Interstate 90 and head south on Highway 195 to Spangle.

The car continued on for another 87 miles. They were five miles from home when the car began to sputter and stop. They were near enough to get assistance for the last few miles home.

Lorna said, “I cannot escape the conviction that because Paul honored the Sabbath, and we refused to buy gas on Sabbath, God honored us in our need to get home.”

It sounds like a dilemma for Paul and his mom was an opportunity for God to prove He could be trusted. Paul was faithful in his conviction and God was faithful to get them home.

When we give our best to God and honor Him in all we do, He will take care of us. “He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much,” Luke 16:10 (AKJV).