Pathfinders Have Fun in Exodus

by Kathy Marson

Jeff Wines congratulates a Pathfinder on completion of the Pathfinder Bible Experience for North Lakes District at the Newport Adventist Church.

PRESCOTT, Ariz., April 18, 2016 - the three Pathfinder clubs from Upper Columbia Conference who attended the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience in Prescott, Ariz., this past weekend, all made first place.

There were 97 teams from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom participating in the North American Division Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals.

The three clubs from UCC, Hayden Lake and Newport -- the Ponderosa Pathfinders and the Pend Oreille Valley Wildcats -- traveled to Arizona for the event. The Ellensburg Pathfinder club, the Wind Valley Arrows, participated at the Upper Columbia Conference office through a video feed.

Congratulation to these Pathfinders teams for their exceptional effort! Knowing the Bible and keeping it in your heart is a great way to get to know more about your best friend, Jesus!

NEWPORT, Wash.,  - January 21, 2016 - The Pathfinder Bible Experience on Sabbath, January 16, was the first Pathfinder event in Upper Columbia Conference with Pathfinders in action for Jeff Wines, the new UCC Pathfinder Director. He attended the North Lakes District event and served as one of the judges. 

The Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) area-level testing for all districts in Upper Columbia took place simultaneously. The Blue Mountain District PBE was at Walla Walla Valley Academy. Yakima 35 Avenue Church hosted the Columbia Basin District PBE; and the East Cascade District held their PBE at the Brewster Adventist Church.

Eighteen Pathfinder teams tested on the book of Exodus. Seven placed first, three placed second, and eight placed third.  Each Pathfinder participant gained a greater knowledge of God's Word.  "It was great to see five Pathfinder Bible Experience teams having so much fun while studying God's word," says Jeff Wines.

Here are the results for area-level testing by district with teams listed in alphabetical order.

Blue Mountain
Milton Rangers – 2
Village Church Waiilatpu – 3
Walla Walla City Church Sunrise – 1

Columbia Basin
Exploradores de Jesus – 3
Kennewick Nighthawks – 2
Othello Outreachers – 3 
Richland Klahani – 3
Wind Valley Arrows – 1
Yakima Braves – 1
Yakima Spanish Conquistadors – 3

East Cascade
Brewster Blazers – 1
Cashmere Cascade Peaks – 1
Moses Lake Crusaders – 2

North Lakes
Hayden Lake – 1
Pend Oreille Valley Wildcats – 1
South Hill Southern Lights Team I – 3
South Hill Southern Lights Team II – 3
Spokane Valley Trailblazers – 3

Conference Level
The first and second place teams were invited to Walla Walla Valley Academy for conference-level testing on February 20, 2016. Teams who place 1st moved on to the Union-level testing which took place on March 12, in Chehalis. Here is how the 10 teams placed at the conference level event at WWVA

Brewster Blazers — 3
Cashmere Cascade Peaks — 3
Hayden Lake Ponderosa Pathfinders — 1
Kennewick Nighthawks — 2
Milton Rangers — 3
Moses Lake Crusaders — 3
Pend Oreille Valley Wildcats (Newport Church) — 1
Walla Walla Sunrise (Walla Walla City Church) — 1
Wind Valley Arrows (Cle Elum/Ellensburg Church) — 1
Young Disciples Team Yakima Braves — 2

Union Level
The Washington Conference hosted the Union-level Pathfinder Bible Experience at the Chehalis Church in Chehalis, Washington on March 12, 2016.  Eleven teams from around the Union tested on the Book of Exodus.

The Upper Columbia Conference was represented by four teams. They placed as follows:

Hayden Lake Ponderosa Pathfinders – 1
Pend Oreille Valley Wildcats – 1
Walla Walla Sunrise – 2
Wind Valley Arrows – 1

Jeff, who attending the PBE in Chehalis, "I encourage all Pathfinder clubs in Upper Columbia to continue being a part of Pathfinder Bible Experience whether they place first, second or third. Just being in God's word is a wonderful reward!"

The three teams who placed first will advance to Division-level testing at Prescott, Arozona on April 14 and 15. Stay tuned for the  Division Level results!

For more information about Pathfinder Bible Experience, visit Next year the study books will be Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and 1 & 2 Timothy—a total of 28 on the clubs above. 

Thank you to Tony Phillips who gave us the great information about the clubs above, and who maintains the web site for Pathfinder Bible Experience.