Students Celebrate at Sheriff Office

by Cathy Law

Deputy Vannatter explains how each of the different restraints are used.
Sheriff Resser welcomes Caleb and Myles to his office.
Vannatter shows Myles and Caleb how he makes his reports. Photos by Cathy Law. 

ST MARIES, Idaho, February 3, 2015  -  Caleb Nelson and Myles Nelson, students at the St. Maries Christian School, were awarded a “Vacation from Class.” By completing all their assignments during the second quarter their names were placed on the “Completion Honor Roll” which qualified them to participate in a field trip.

Instead of math class, Caleb and Myles went to the sheriff’s department at the courthouse (at Caleb’s request).

Deputy Brandon Vannatter, their guide, answered questions as he showed them around. He explained that one of the subjects he had in school that helps him in his work now was English.  

For every incident, an officer has to record what happened. There’s a lot of writing to do,” he said. “You have to know how to use commas, periods and all that stuff.” He also advised learning how to keyboard in school as most of his writing is done on computer.

He shared another bit of valuable information for their future.

When teenagers are having a party and someone pulls out alcohol, what should you do?” Mr. Vannatter asked. He explained that this is illegal activity for minors (children under 18), and they would need to leave the premises. “If it was reported and law enforcement came, you would be cited and/or arrested along with everyone else at the party even if you weren’t drinking.”

The students and teachers appreciated the opportunity to meet many of the employees that serve the Benewah County.