Blessings at St. Maries Christian School

by Cathy Law

From left to right: Mrs. Sue Clark, Caleb Nelson, Myles Nelson, Saul Moushey, Mr. Mark Law.
Delivering veggies to the Community Action Partnerships in St. Maries. From left to right: Saul Moushey, Caleb Nelson, Myles Nelson, Ms. Cindy Mottern, Mr. Mark Law.
Looking in the classroom from the mall hallway. Photos by Cathy Law

ST MARIES, Wash., October 9, 2014  -  One of the biggest challenges for St. Maries Christian School has been their necessary move into a shop at the Shadowy River Mall. Space for desks and storage is limited, and the parking lot doesn’t make the best playground. However, students have rediscovered their bikes. Once a week, they bike locally for P.E. Several biking field trips have taken them to a stretch of the beautiful 72-mile “Rails to Trails” biking path near Coeur d’ Alene.

There is another bright side. “We get plenty of exposure here,” Teacher Mark Law smiles. Shoppers pass the windows throughout the day, occasionally peering in. One day a man opened the mall door in the middle of class. “Hey, here’s something for the hard-working teachers!” When the teacher went to the door of the classroom to greet the man, he pushed a bill into his hand, “Go get some ice cream with your students!”

Besides receiving such blessings from the generous community, the school plans to be a blessing in their community. They started by offering to clean the bathrooms in the mall once a week. The manager was delighted!

Another opportunity came when schoolboard member, Mrs. Sue Clark, invited the students to pick her garden produce. In just a few minutes, they had harvested 68 pounds of the prolific yellow zucchini and various winter squash. They delivered the vegetables to the Community Action Partnership food bank. Being a blessing can happen anywhere!