The Influence of He's Alive TV

by Kathy Marson

Tracy Morrow is baptized by Pastor Dale Leamon. Morrow gave his life to Jesus through watching He’s Alive Television and through meetings at the Spokane Central Church. He passed away Oct. 28, 2014.
Sarah and Katherine speaking with Dan Matthews  on air just after they were baptized at Spokane Central Adventist Church.
He's Alive Television in Spokane, Wash., is the local Christian option bringing life and light to Spokane and beyond. It is the ministry of nine area churches.

Spokane, Wash., October 29, 2014  -  Last night a shining light for Jesus went to his rest. I could not tell his full story because he was sick and he wanted to get better before he went on the air to share.

I met Tracy after he went through Journey to the Cross at the Spokane Valley Church. He was baptized at the Spokane Central Church this past March. He had learned to love Jesus through He's Alive Television. He attended the Islam and Christianity Seminar at Central and his greatest hope was for his two children, who are currently attending Palisades Christian Academy, to also be baptized.

As you read this article below, remember all the Tracy's out there who need to know Jesus. He did and now he will rest until Jesus comes. And he will awaken like it is the next morning -- completely healed.


Like lighthouse rays shining through the mist, God’s Word and influence over the air waves bring hope and change. The board members of He’s Alive TV (KHBA) in Spokane, Washington, love learning how God is using television to touch lives.

In 1975 Jay Williams and his wife, Sue, lived in the Spokane Valley, Wash. Jay was raised Episcopalian, and she’d attended small-town churches before they were married. He thought, “If we ever join a church together, it will be Episcopalian.”

That changed one Sunday morning. Jay Williams was flipping through the three channels to watch football. He noticed a kindly-faced man looking into the camera and talking about Jesus. It was George Vandeman. “He was using the Bible as a direct reference for truth,” says Jay. “I didn’t know anyone considered the Bible the Word of God. I needed to pause and listen.” From then on the Williams's had an insatiable desire for truth and they watched It Is Written each Sunday.

They requested Bible studies. After the fifth lesson by mail, a knock came at the door. Sue answered and told Jay, “It’s a pastor with the next Bible lesson." Feeling betrayed, Jay went to the door to send the pastor away. But “the pastor had a godly aura about him,” Jay admits, “and I couldn’t be angry with him.” So Jay and Sue took Bible studies through the pastor for year. They were baptized at the Spokane Valley Church.

Jay said, “The Holy Spirit changed my life through TV ministry.” George Vandemen is no longer on local channels, but the same influence continues.

Last year Sarah Baum and Katherine Richardson were searching TV channels wanting something more. Amid hundreds of channels, they found He’s Alive TV, UHF 39.

Baum watched Dwight Nelson and Doug Batchelor and found answers to her questions about the Sabbath. Richardson was so depressed when she began watching He’s Alive TV, she wanted to shoot herself. But when she heard Doug Batchelor speaking, she said, “He made me feel like I could have another chance at life.”

Both ladies had life-changing experiences through what they heard on TV. They both ended up getting to know Jeff Bentley, the Spokane Central Church outreach coordinator. Both women were baptized and now attend that church. “I knew I was in the right spot where the Lord wanted me to be. And that’s a wonderful feeling,” says Baum.

Richardson adds, “Colin Dunbar and Doug Batchelor were great influences on me. There are lots of people who just need to hear the Word. He’s Alive is a blessing, a lifesaver and a life-changer.”

He’s Alive is compiling stories of change through Christian TV. If you have a story to share, contact He’s Alive Television at: or call 509-622-4780. “Praying for our viewers has been our primary focus,” said Dave Wallace, vice president of He’s Alive TV.

He’s Alive Television serves the Spokane area through UHF Channels 39.1, 39.2, 39.3 and 39.4. They also broadcast 39.1 on Roku reaching a potential 10 million homes.