Expecting Miracles

by Jeremy Vetter

Pavel Goia says prayer brings God's power and protection. If we don't think God performs the kinds of miracles He used to, Goia says, "We forget to look."

HEYDEN LAKE, Idaho, October 9, 2014  -  Expect the unexpected when Pavel Goia speaks at the Upper Columbia Conference Christian Men’s Summit, hosted at Camp MiVoden February 6-8, 2015. What’s so different about this men’s retreat? The answer is Goia himself, or rather the way God is working through Goia.

Surely God doesn't perform the kinds of miracles He used to, right? Well maybe, Goia might say, we forget to look.

Now a pastor at the Lexington, KY SDA Church, Goia’s life hasn't always born good fruit. Yet, God took care of him even when Goia wasn't asking for His protection. Getting into the wrong crowd in Communist Romania, he narrowly escaped prison all because his conscience bothered him at the right time. Then, as his prayer life intensified, there began an inspiring host of testaments to God's power and protection.

Goia's family and fellow church members kept out of prison for housing, respectively, the church library and a new load of boxes containing bibles for the church members.

An obligatory military stint provided Goia opportunities to build faith that God would preserve for him the Sabbath each and every week. A blessed marriage to the sweetheart of his youth, and a newborn baby, were endangered by poverty and hunger that would never relent, until it did, at God's hand.

And these were only the beginnings of miracles. How did Goia keep witnessing God's mercy and power when so many people wondered what happened to His miracles? Here's how: constant prayer life of praise and pleading, determined trust in the Lord despite hopeless circumstances, fervent desire to remain faithful to God.

Wherever Goia speaks, those listening leave amazed, praising God, excited to serve and trust Him implicitly, though hard times may come. For Goia, hard times have proved the fire of testing and the ground of God’s miraculous power.

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