UCC Takes the Ice-Bucket Challenge

by Kathy Marson

The water begins to drop as noticed by Darin Patzer. Pictured (left to right front row) Richard Parker, Randy Terry, Paul Hoover with Patti Hoover, Paul Blake and Herman Schreven. (Back row left to right) Stephanie Bailey, Darin Patzer,Connie Willoughby, Joy Rogers, Laurinda Cutlip, Cheryl Wallace, and Shelle Blake. 
The waterfall begins.
Photos were taken by Dusty Spivey 

SPOKANE, Wash., August 26, 2014  -  After receiving an Ice-Bucket challenge from the Georgia Cumberland Conference, Upper Columbia Conference president, Paul Hoover, responded with a challenge to the North Pacific Union Conference and all the local conferences.

He  challenged them to donate to ALS research or to an Adventist ministry or charity of their choice within the next 24 hours.

As Paul and the participating office staff sat or stood strategically underneath the large scoop full of ice-cold water, Paul said, “Patty and I have made a contribution to adult stem cell research for ALS to the Mayo Clinic and additionally we have made a donation to Upper Columbia Academy to worthy students. And everyone here has made a donation to ALS or to their favorite Adventist Charity.”

Then Paul said, “Let’s go!” And of course almost everyone got completely wet. There is a surprise element to the video (below) so you will want to watch it to the end.

The ice bucket challenge began with a little-known golfer, and spread around the world. It has raised more than $100 million for people suffering with the condition better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease since it kicked off in late July of 2014.

With the blessing of the Lord, it might help some local ministries and charities as well. Each individual can choose what they would like to support. 



Upper Columbia Conference office takes the Ice Bucket Challenge from Upper Columbia Conference on Vimeo.