Update on Living Hope Church

by Diane Canty Pierce

For five years the members dreamed of planting a church, then in the spring of 2013 they broke ground. Now they near completion!
The roofing was waiting in piles and now in mid-August it will be placed.

Plummer, Idaho., August 13, 2014 - The Living Hope Adventist Church is very close to completion. We are praising God for all He has done to bring the good news of salvation to the Coeur d'Alene reservation! 

Our very first convert from the Coeur d'Alene Natives, John Mahoney, passed away in June with full confidence of his salvation in Jesus Christ.  He had such a passion for reaching the "gang bangers" as well as his family and friends on the reservation.  He wanted them to experience the forgiveness, peace, joy and unconditional acceptance that he had found in accepting Jesus as his Savior. John had served his time in prison and now all he wanted to do was serve the LORD!  His passing has inspired us press forward with renewed vigor.

The Stained Glass Window
This spring Monte Church and Ron Bayless installed the six foot by six foot stained glass window depicting the second coming of Christ as designed by artist Clinton Conley.  This window faces the highly traveled thoroughfare from St. Maries into Plummer and will inspire many to prepare to meet their Lord!  The $10K price tag for this window was donated by someone from another tribe in our conference.

The Roof
Retired roofer, Helmut Goltz from Moses Lake, has volunteered to shingle our roof commencing mid-August!  We're so delighted to see the palettes of shingles that have been on-site since last fall finally making their way to the roof!  Praise the Lord for folks who are willing to donate their time and talent to the LORD's cause!  We "found" Helmut during Teen Mission Adventure week in Moses Lake.  I wonder who orchestrated that?

One Item Remaining
The only thing remaining before the church is officially enclosed, is the installation of three double entry doors with crash hardware!  The monies were recently donated to accomplish this remaining detail and are they are in the process of being ordered!  Praise the LORD from whom all blessings flow!