Journey ...  Spokane Valley Style

by Kathy Marson

Jesus in Pilots Court.
Cast members walking through the first scene to get to their locations on the final night.
Jesus and his disciples in the Upper Room.
Jesus confronting Judas in the Upper Room
Mary just finding out the man outside the tomb is Jesus. 

Spokane Valley, Wash., April 23, 2014   -   Journey to the Cross at the Spokane Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church, in Washington State, is still going strong at seven years of age.

I invite my chiropractor to Journey to the Cross (J2C) each year. He is always interested and this year he came. As a cast member in the first scene which depicts the wedding at Cana, I spotted him in the crowd. After the servants poured water into the big jugs, and once the water turned to wine, the guests began to leave the first scene and cast members mingle and thank them for coming to the wedding.

I welcomed my chiropractor and family. His daughter said she loved the grapes and almonds offered by the servants at the house. She also like watching the story!

J2C is a dynamic outreach to the Spokane community. The cast of over 250 includes Adventists from many local churches as well as other Christian churches in the area including a nearby Mormon church. Last year for the first time a local Mormon Bishop offered to help recruit cast members from his church. This year many of these same members participated. (Read about last year here)

In seven years J2C has grown from about 1,600 guests to 5,000 coming through from Friday to Sunday night. The total lives touched by this story is well over 15,000 not to mention the lives of the cast and crew.

Mark Weir was at the departure tent, meeting people as they left the event. “I had many people share with me how much they appreciated what we do, and not just because it gives some entertainment option. No, the portrayal of the story with real people who take their task seriously makes a huge impression,” said Weir, who pastors the Spokane Valley Church. “There have been many people who indicated an interest in knowing how to better continue their journey with Jesus.” To facilitate that desire the church is holding a weekly series entitled, Continuing the Journey.

The church will have a debriefing  Saturday night, April 26, and more quotes and short stories will be added.