Controversial Series in Spokane

by Kathy Marson


Spokane, Wash., April 3, 2014  - 

When billboards went up to advertise the Islam and Christianity Seminar around Spokane, there was quite a buzz! Some had misconceptions about a seminar with this title and voiced their opinion on local blogs and newspaper articles.

The seminar presenter, Tim Roosenberg, presents a revealing study of Bible prophecy relevant to today’s modern world. Roosenberg has studied prophecy for over 25 years and discovered that following the interpretation methods of the early church the reformers results in the most reliable and logical understanding of Bible prophecy.

This series helps people understand a remarkable Bible prophecy in Daniel 11 and 12 . The prophecy starts in Daniel’s time and chronologically unfolds through the time of Christ, extending through our time and on to the end of the millennium. This prophecy includes a future major conflict between Islam and Christianity.

The two churches in Spokane that completed this series as part of a major evangelism outreach event are the Spokane Central and Spokane Valley Adventist churches. Pastors and members were excited with what transpired. Both churches held the ten-night series with a week in between. And in spite of the controversy the attendees enjoyed the meetings.

At the Spokane Central Church they had an average attendance of 130 each night with 20 solid interests in attending follow-up studies or meetings. “This is the best attended and best crowd-holding series I’ve ever been a part of,” said Jeff Bentley, the outreach coordinator at Central. A couple of Pentecostal youth leaders attended all the meetings and said they planned to attend the series at the Valley as well to hear the presentations again.

At the Spokane Valley Adventist Church, they averaged 120 nightly attending the meetings. Many indicated they are looking for a church and want to know what Adventists believe. Pastor Mark Weir said, “We have quite a crowd of people we’re following up with. It’s going to be exciting!”

Tim Roosenberg has been invited to present a shorter version at the UCC Camp Meeting. So here is another opportunity for Adventists to invite their friends and neighbors to hear a life-changing prophecy series. This seminar will happen on Thursday and Friday of the camp meeting which is June 18-21. (

For more information on the Islam and Christianity seminar, Tim Roosenberg’s website has copies of the ten-night series presented in another city that one can view. Islam and Christianity website.