Teen Mission Adventure

by Kathy Marson

Photo by June Cross
Teens shoveling in new bark along the main road near  Crestline Christian School.
Photo by Peter Fenton
Teens prepared and served food for the homeless in Moses Lake
Photo by Peter Fenton
Framing in the new bus garage for the Bright Beginnings Day Care Center.
Photo by Peter Fenton
Daniel Grable pushes Miqueas Rivero on the way to their next job. 
Photo by June Cross.
Teen boys digging up damaged sidewalk parts so that it can be replaced with new cement.
Photo by June Cross
A larger shot of the cement work being accomplished by teen boys.
Photo by June Cross
Teens bagging apples at the local food bank will be given out to local residents later that afternoon.
Photo by June Cross
Joshua Meharry, grandson of TMA coordinator Steve Meharry, helps "Grandpa Steve" drive the backhoe at work on the CCS site. 
Photo: June Cross.
Cleaning up the walking paths at the fairgrounds. 

Moses Lake, Wash., March 26, 2014  -  Much can be accomplished with volunteer labor. Just ask the teens who volunteered to join a local mission trip, called  Teen Pathfinder Mission Adventure.” This year their area for  outreach is Moses Lake, Wash., and they began last Sunday at the beginning of their spring break.

On their plate is a long list of adventures such as: painting the Moses Lake Adventist School; helping a blind lady organize and clean her home; visiting the residents of a nursing home; baking cookies and delivering them to the people they meet during the week; and building a bus garage for Moses Lake Crestline Christian School Bright Beginnings Day Care.

With a list like this one would expect there is a well-oiled group planning all of these activities for the Pathfinders. You’re right but there is more to the story. Last year the organizers were Frosty and June Cross along with Steve Meharry. Since last year’s event, June and Steve Meharry have both lost a very important part of their life. June’s husband, Frosty passed away and Steve Meharry lost one leg. In spite of this, the behind the scenes organization for this mission trip has still been accomplished.

Steve is the organizer and planner and June Cross is on board with her energy, writing and photo skills. When I asked how they could manage this big event this year, Steve said, “God is good to us and has provided us the energy and the strength that we need.”

While pathfinders worked on organizing and cleaning the inside and outside of a blind ladies house, Wayne Hicks called the city garbage office to find out how to get rid of the brush, garbage and unneeded household items. They were too late said the lady at the office. But miracles still happen and the truck came down the street. They were able to put all the trash in the truck and the perk was that there was no extra charge for all the extra bags and yard waste.

The bus barn is being framed in and walled in. Then the trusses installed and roofing will be put in place. The Teen Pathfinders work side by side with adult volunteers to make this much needed building possible. The Moses Lake Crestview Christian School (CCS) needed this for their van storage because of vandalism and siphoning of their gas on a regular basis. The approx. completed value of the new garage for the Bright Beginnings DayCare vans - $29,000. The anticipated labor donation value of the Pathfinder Teen Mission Adventure members - $8,600.

Teen Mission Adventure (TMA) gives teens an opportunity to be a part of a mission trip for only $100. They stay within Upper Columbia Conference and have the satisfaction and camaraderie of working together just like those who go half way around the world, but the cost allows many to participate who otherwise could not.

As you look at the photos and all the hard work these teens are doing, we wanted you to know that they "enjoy" it. Here are some of their comments about (TMA).

“I look forward to TMA every year!  I have so much fun working with my friends and serving Jesus!  I’d recommend it to every Pathfinder teen!”
--Zachary Wallace, Yakima Braves Pathfinder club  (this is his second year at TMA)

“It’s a lot of fun, and you get to hang out with friends, and it makes you feel good when you help other people!”
--Miqueas Rivero, Waiilatpu Pathfinder club (this is his second year at TMA)

“I get to serve other people, while making new friends and learning new skills”
--Luke Torquato, Ponderosa (Hayden) Pathfinder club  (this is his third year at TMA)

“Lots of people told me that TMA is lots of fun – they said you’ll really like it.  The pictures I saw looked fun too!  So I came!”
--Olivia Smith, Waiilatpu Pathfinder club (this is her first year at TMA)

“This is a place where teens come to work their hearts out as Jesus taught them.  Serving others to their fullest.  Learning new trades and sharing God’s love with the local community. What a better way for the teen to spend their spring break!”
--Carl Kostoff, Counselor Kennewick Nighthawks Pathfinder club (this is his twelfth year at TMA)

“I love hanging out with a bunch of teens and watch them learn to do things they have never done before.  I love watching friendships being made and God moments.”
--Claudia Phillips, UCC Pathfinder Events Coordinator (this is her seventh year)

“TMA is a great time for our teens to get to know Jesus close up by serving others the way He taught us by His example.”
--Steve Meharry, TPMA Coordinator/ Waiilatpu Club Director

“TMA really is an Adventure!  You never know what you’re going to be doing or who you’ll meet.  It’s an incredible opportunity to impact a community for Christ and make a significant difference in the world.”
--Diana Pierce, Counselor Wheatland Coyotes Pathfinder Club  (this is her first time attending)0