Main Street Cottage Grand Opening

by Kathy Marson

Patty Marsh, director of ACS in northwest Washington State, shares in the ribbon cutting ceremony with Janice Burman who is the Northport ACS director.
A small thrift store helps defray the cost of the meals.
Main Stree Cottage in Northport, Wash., the healthy place to eat on Thursdays. And it is free!

Northport, Wash., February 6, 2014  -  Traveling through Northport, population 295, you might want to stop on a Thursday for a delicious “free” vegan meal.

“It may be -10 degrees where I'm headed, but I’m pretty excited,” says Marsh, the director of community services for the Adventist Church in northwest Washington State. She was on her way to the grand opening of the Northport Main Street Cottage, a new Adventist Community Services Center nestled right up next to the Canadian border.

At the cottage people enjoyed the meal at the center. “Food was so delicious,” says Marsh, “the two artists and high school student at my table thought they were eating an egg salad sandwich with their soup and cookies.” Visitors can also take a weekly class like art, music, or a health topic such as stress reduction.

The small thrift store helps defray the cost of the meals. The ministry has been going for several years but the grand opening is for the newly purchased building. They plan to refurbish the outside this summer.

The Northport Main Street Cottage averages about 90 people each week at their free Thursday meal which they serve all afternoon. It is a ministry operated by the Northport Seventh-day Adventist Church.