Sharing a Way of Life

by Kathy Marson

Sharing Jesus is a daily passion for Daniel, Outreach Coordinator for the Spokane North View Adventist Church. 

Spokane, Wash., December 9, 2013  -  With the holidays here, everyone’s thinking about gift giving. How many of us stop to consider giving a gift that will last forever? (By the way, this gift has nothing to do with diamonds.)

Meet Daniel, Outreach Coordinator for the Spokane North View Adventist Church. Sharing Jesus is a daily passion that doesn’t stop when Daniel leaves church on Sabbath.

At the Hair Salon Chris, a soldier in the US Airforce, was heading to the salon for a haircut when he met a friend. They chatted a bit, then his friend said, “You will know who Jesus is by the end of the day.”

Chris was puzzled over this prediction, because he had lost his faith while in the military. He even doubted God existed. When Chris walked into the salon, he saw two men in the waiting room watching him. One in need of a haircut, Steve; and one of Middle East descent, Daniel.

Daniel walked over to greet Chris and chatted while his friend, Steve, got his haircut from another stylist, Jody.

Chris and Daniel talked about the world situation and by the time Chris’s haircut was complete, Daniel had given him a GLOW pamphlet and The Last Day Event DVD.

When Jody finished with Steve’s cut, she noticed Chris’s haircut was pretty bad so she offered to re-trim it to shape it up a bit. Daniel left and Chris shared with Jody what he and Daniel had talked about. He mentioned that his friend’s predication had come true.

“Here’s a Muslim who is now a Christian telling me to go back to Jesus!” Chris said to Jody.

That’s when Shahin walked back in, having forgotten to get his change. Chris told him the rest of the story, and Shahin was able to encourage Chris and give him the contact information for an Adventist church and pastor near him.

Taco GLOW Sharing Jesus isn’t limited to his hometown. On a recent trip to Portland, Daniel stopped in Ritzville at the Taco Del Mar. As is his custom, he handed the clerk a GLOW track. The clerk was so excited to get another GLOW tract and showed Shahin his collection of tracts. Daniel took a photo of his collection!

Hellfire and Walmart Walking through Walmart one day, Shahin handed a GLOW tract to a couple. The girl said, “My boyfriend and I were just talking about this! Why would God burn people in hell fire if God is love?”

Daniel was able to give the young man a Bible study. He told Daniel he had an amazing peace during the study. Unexpectedly, he cancelled further studies.

Months later, Daniel received a phone call from the young man. He told Daniel he was going through an immense darkness and he felt a struggle going on. Daniel is working to build a friendship with the young man that will hopefully lead to a friendship with Jesus.

Daniel is living proof that giving the gift of Life is as simple as incorporating the hope of Jesus into every conversation and interaction.