Seniors Feast First in New Cafe

by Kathy Marson

Seniors took a moment from their H.O.P.E. day to say Thank You! for this new cafeteria.
Class of 2014 had the privilege of enjoying the first meal after a long day of moving in food and supplies.

Spangle, Wash., November 29, 2013  -  The new cafeteria at Upper Columbia Academy is complete, almost!

On November 20 the senior class spent the day moving food and supplies from the old 1950s cafeteria to the new structure. As a reward they had the privilege of enjoying the first meal in the new cafeteria.

This day has been long awaited by students and staff. And there is more to be completed. Funding is needed for tables and chairs, two hot food stations, two floor mixers and a convection steamer.

Fortunately, the students are not eating on the floor. They are using folding tables and chairs. Not in the budget but beneficial, the hot food stations would have programmable temperature controls for each dish and would be insulated for efficient dry or moist operation. It is also time to replace the 1940s floor mixers. While they still kneed the bread dough and mix the casseroles just fine, parts are no longer available for them If and when they need repairs The convection steamer is a space saving, energy efficient oven that cooks with hot air, steam or a combination of both.

Construction has gone on for 13 months. Countless hours have been put in by volunteers to paint, lay brick and lend a hand where needed. An official grand opening ceremony will take place on Sunday, February 16.

Wouldn't it be lovely if piror to the grand opening, the above items would be funded?  If you are interested in helping, go to the UCA web site at and clock on the gife a gift link.