Jesus, Lover of Children

by Kathy Marson

Models for this work of art are former students except Ashley Cox, who is currently in 4th grade at PCA.
Following the unveiling, Michele Davis, is sharing with the students at PCA. 
The first day of school is keeping Kathy Craft and Kathy Stratte busy. 
New principal to PCA is Mr. Wister who is standing next to Michele Davis, the artist who created, "Jesus Lover of Children."

Spokane, Wash., August 26, 2013 -

A new large work of art was unveiled at Palisades Christian Academy on the first day of school. A general assembly for the students convened at 9 a.m. where Mr. Dan Wister, the new principal, introduced the artist, Michele Davis.

The new artwork is entitled, "Jesus, Lover of Children" and is a large print on sailcloth of an original work of art that took Davis 4-years to create. The art covers a large, formerly vacant, wall in the spacious two-story foyer of PCA. During the assembly it was covered with a large black cloth until the unveiling.

The children sat with rapt attention as the black cloth slowly came down and the painting was reveiled. Davis said, "Jesus not only loves you, He likes you. He wants to spend time with you. He could never love you more than he does now, and he could never love you less than he does now."

Davis created this artwork specifically for the students at PCA to remind them and all who enter the doors of this Christian school of this simple but powerful message.

The school gave Davis a plaque that reads, "Thank you, Michele, for countless hours of painting to create this beautiful artwork. God worked His hand through yours. With our gratitude, the students and staff of PCA, and all who are inspired and touched by your labor of love."

PCA currently has an enrollment of 130 students in K-10 with six students on a waiting list for third- and fourth-grade.

PCA is a K-10th grade  Seventh-day Adventist school in Spokane Washington where students learn unconditional love, grace and truth. A place where they can receive assurance of salvation and learn to make great decisions. For more information on Palisades Christian Academy visit their web site at:

The new principal, Dan Wister, has taught in Indonesia, Hawaii, Northern California and the state of Washington. His goal is to help students achieve their highest academic potential as life-long learners and get to know Jesus as their best friend.