All About Jesus at Riverfront Park

by Kathy Marson

Pastor Lee Venden brings his All About Jesus talks to Riverfront Park in Spokane Washington.
Part of the crowd on Sunday night at Riverfront Park.
Conrad, engineer for KEEH, and Richie, chaplain are setting up for the Sunday evening program. 

Spokane, Wash., August 5, 2013 - After the All about Jesus seminar in Riverfront Park, one of the attendees decided to call the main Positive Life Radio network station.

"Good Morning!" Said Holly.

"Good Morning!" Said the man. "I want to share with you what your meetings in Riverfront Park meant to me."

The man said that after being at All About Jesus at Riverfront he decided to open up and pray in a personal way, not just pray for other people. He said he felt the Holy Spirit and he felt a new peace. He is joyful and so thankful for the blessing he is getting out of the meetings.

Thank you, Holly for sharing what this event meant to one person. This was a unique event at Riverfront, August 2 through 9. Each evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. a local praise group or artist performed followed by Lee Venden who spoke “All About Jesus.” Attendance has grew to over 350 with an average of about 200 per night. Visitors received free ice cream and enjoyed the opportunity to hear about Jesus over a loud speaker in the biggest park in Spokane.

When evangelism is held at a church, it is often 90 percent members attending. This event held at the park had about 90 percent visitors attending. This might be a new avenue to spread the news of Jesus to the world.

Positive Life Radio, KEEH 104.9FM, has been recently ranked as high as the #3 station overall, and #1 among women in the market.* KEEH reaches both Spokane and the Coeur d'Alene areas.

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