Sewing for Service

by Earl Brockman

Ginger with lap quilts for Newport Hospital's long-term care center residents.
Ginger with five queen-size quilts for Newport Adventist Community Services.

Newport, Wash., March 13, 2012 - Hobbies can be a great source of personal satisfaction, especially if one takes advantage of their retirement years and uses that hobby for "service." Sewing is a hobby that comes naturally for Ginger Brockman, Newport (Wash.) Church member, and retired music teacher. Her "love" of sewing came at an early age, learning the "basics" on an old Singer treadle machine. Through the years, sewing came in handy as she made clothes for her growing family and later for the grandkids. As Ginger began hearing of needs for children's clothes in various mission fields, she told the Lord that this was something she could do, if He supplied the fabric. As people have heard of her "mission," her fabric supply just like the widow's supply of meal and oil in Elijah's day, has never run out. She once "tested" the Lord to see if she could use up all of her fabric by cutting out 400 garments, but there was still fabric left over! Ginger estimates that since 1997 she has sewn 2,500 garments for orphans around the world. In the process she wore out five Walmart sewing machines, prompting husband Earl to buy her a quality Bernina. Her favorite garment destinations continue to be: David and Beverly Waid's orphan outreach in Bangladesh; Del and bonnie Orser's annual evangelism trips to India; and a variety of African mission trips. What a joy it is for Ginger to see pictures of "needy" children wearing the clothes she has sewn!

She also keeps busy locally by making quilts for Newport Adventist Community Services recently finishing five queen-size ones and just delivered 14 lap quilts to the residents at Newport Hospital's long-term care facility.

Some days, as long as the Bernina is full of oil and good thread, you can hear it "whirring" from dawn to dusk. Recently added electric shears have helped to ease the burden on sore hands.

Someone has said that the retirement years (Golden Years) are the best years of a person's life. Why not explore ways to use part of that time in service for God. Could it be that the vibrating noise of a working sewing machine, is one of the many sounds pleasing to the Lords ears!