PLR Listeners Provide Water

by Kathy Marson

Happy little boys in a Guatemalan village that has received a well through Water for Life. 
Don Godman, radio host, (l) and well driller, Rod Bartholomew, (r) sharing the needs in Guatemala during the on-air fundraiser at Spokane's KEEH 104.9FM.

Spokane, Wash., February 20, 2013 - Spokane’s Positive Life Radio – 104.9 FM hosted an on-air project in January that raised over $21,000 to dig two new wells in remote villages in Guatemala. The morning show’s Don Godman, and station chaplain, Richie Brower, hosted the four-hour fundraiser.

Water for Life is a volunteer group of local well-drillers who travel, at their own expense to Central America, each winter. Rod Bartholomew and his dad, Gary, invited listeners to support this life-giving project which they co-founded, sharing with listeners about adopting Rosita into their family, and seeing the orphans drinking from filthy ponds, The phone rang almost non-stop during the morning fundraiser keeping the phone volunteers busy.

Water for Life volunteers, Dan and Laura visited the village of La Compuerta where seven-hundred people live at the top of a dry hill in Guatemala. They learned that the nearby pond was also where their village’s cattle drank. During their visit, as they performed free dental-work for the villagers, Dan was interrupted by a woman with a child in her arms. The little girl had a fever and was listless. She was not unconscious, but she was unable to walk or do much more than hold up her hand. It seemed very possible that the little girl was dying. Dan and Laura decided to give her half a Tylenol and see if she got any better. Dan remembered that dehydration can cause a fever and gave her a full cup of water from his water bottle along with the pill. She drank readily. They gave her another cup, and the effect was dramatic. Within 20 minutes of drinking the water she was walking around talking and laughing. Her fever was gone and she was entirely back to normal. She went from a very sick little girl, to healthy, with a drink of clean water.

Later they had a chance to talk to a lady who is a teacher in La Compuerta. They spoke about the need for drinking water. The teacher said yes, she knows and tries to encourage the people to drink, but when she tells them to drink, they reply, “If we drink the water we will die.”

Now, thanks to the help of Water for Life, these parents will see their little children grow up because of pure sources of water! Villagers will also have the chance to receive the Living Water, for Water For Life presents the gospel to the villagers while the wells are being drilled.

KEEH Manager Darin Patzer shared his reason for partnering with Water for Life, “When you learn that every day 15,000 people on earth die, simply due to a lack of clean water, you realize this is an issue that our loving God must really care about. These are His precious little children. He puts on your heart that we each have a small part to play as stewards of the blessings He has given. An exciting lesson is that the more we give, the more He can pour through us!”

Water for Life was founded in Spokane in 2005 as a non-profit organization, with the goal of digging wells in rural villages in Guatemala. Water for Life hopes to expand their efforts and help many more remote villages in Central America. To learn more about Water for Life, or to make a gift, you can visit their website at: