Century Celebration!

by Linda Anderson

Five generations are together. From left: Angela, great-granddaughter; Reina, great-great-granddaughter; Leona, daughter; Bertie (front and center); and Deanna, granddaughter.

Irrigon, Wash., December 18, 2012 - The Irrigon Church has had the pleasure to celebrate the 100th birthday of Bertha “Bertie” Fay Gallagher. Although she now resides in Hood River, Ore., at an extended care facility, she is still a member of our church.  Many of her family members reside in Irrigon, Ore. Her daughter Leona Irene Bates, granddaughter Deanna Jean Stone, her great-granddaughter Angela Virginia Rodriquez and great-great-granddaughter Reina Lione Jazmin Stone also attended her party in Hood River, Ore. They represent five generations all living.

Bertie was born in Twin Falls, Idaho on Feb. 4, 1912 to Mr. and Mrs. John Cline. She married Dick Stipe in 1932 in Idaho. They had two children, Leona and Leroy. They moved to Washington in 1935 to find employment. They eventually moved to Oregon. Leona had a daughter Deanna, who had a daughter Angela, who then had a daughter Reina, thus creating five generations.   

Bertie has loved horses her entire life but was never able to own one. This year, on her 100th birthday she was presented with a miniature horse!  What a lucky lady!  She seemed very pleased with her gift.