A Special Day in Newport

by Earl Brockman

Paula and Shane in the baptismal tank with Pastor Ron Fleck.
Ken Cox preparing for baptism with Pastor Ron Fleck.

Newport, Wash., December 17, 2012- A special day for members of the Newport (Wash.) Church was Nov. 10, 2012. They celebrated the baptism of three individuals. Shane Mills was raised in an Adventist home, but fell away during his young adult years. After his father passed away, he and his wife Paula and her daughters, Bri and Mariah, were attending church with Shane's mother when they became acquainted with Charles and Junie Lawson. The Lawsons are local members and also part of the White Horse Media Ministry located in Priest River, Idaho, where Junie is a Bible worker. The Mills wanted to understand Bible truth and be baptized and asked Junie for Bible studies, which they undertook for about three months. 

Junie also met Ken Cox at a church potluck one day and asked him if he was interested in taking some Bible studies, which he agreed to. Ken was baptized in the 70's in California, but after some studying together, realized that he had not been converted. Now he chose to give his heart to Jesus and changes began to take place. He enjoyed the Bible studies as well as other DVD's Junie shared with him. Committing his life fully to Christ, he along with the Shane and Paula was baptized by Newport Church pastor, Ron Fleck.