Real Kids, Real Challenges, Real Solutions

by Elaine Hinshaw

WWVA Students listen intently as Pastor JD shares real life "Cracks in the Sidewalk" stories.
WWVA Students LIVE for Him as they prep landscaping for a local charity on iMpact Day. 

College Place, Wash., November 27, 2012 - Each year, Walla Walla Valley Academy offers Balance Week, a series of talks designed to fearlessly and directly tackle the pressures and negative influences of our culture that glamorize destructive behavior. WWVA’s school counselor, Tricia Lofthouse, coordinates this event and invites parents and sister schools in the Valley to join us. This year, Balance Week focused on strategies to help students make confident choices.

The week of October 8, members of our community--a denturist, emergency room doctor, parents and faculty members shared their experiences. Overarching theme of the week was that when you face overwhelming challenges choosing drugs or alcohol may temporarily mask the pain, but quickly compound things. Connecting with God, family, teachers and friends gives each of us the opportunity to actually face and solve those real problems in a supportive environment.

Following Balance Week, our students spent a Week of Prayer exploring Cracks in the Sidewalk with Pastor Jeff Deming focused on making room for Christ in our daily lives and followed up with a day of community service, iMpact Day, actively modeling his love for others.

This year’s theme is to offer our students the opportunity to connect with Jesus, and actively LIVE for Him.